The CDC said it was OK for COVID patients to vote in person?

We are told we can't gather together even if we haven't tested positive for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

That's what the CDC and other state bureaucracies told us.  The CDC carved out an exception for protestors and rioters.

We can't go to church if we have no symptoms and haven't tested positive, nor can we go to indoor dining or many other places

For months we have been told that even if we are asymptomatic, we can be spreading the disease.

We close down businesses, sporting events, schools, and other things if so much as one person has tested positive.

But if you have tested positive, the CDC says you can still vote in person.

They have to stay home for fourteen days unless they go to vote?

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said people who are in isolation after testing positive can still cast ballots in person.

Isn't that a danger that every polling place becomes a super-spreader when you send in people who are sick to stand in long lines next to other people?

I bet many people in line are very vulnerable. 

Isn't sending sick people to crowded polling places as intelligent as New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other blue-state governors sending COVID patients into nursing homes?

I wonder why people think a lot of the lockdowns and other tyrannical rules are political instead of based on science.

Image credit: PXHere, public domain.

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