Stop the steal!

There ought to have been mass rallies today, and there should be rallies every day, in every town and city, protesting the Democrats' and RINOs' attempt not only to steal the election from legitimate voters, but to perpetrate a coup d'état and to end the possibility of fair elections forever.

This election is a swindle!  Massive election fraud has been employed in an attempt to disenfranchise us.  The Trump campaign has documented corruption; duplicate voting; vote-selling; ballot-harvesting; illegals voting; the cemetery votes; destroyed votes; intentionally spread misinformation (even by Fox News); miscounting; forged signatures; "creative voting," where you create the number of votes you want for your (Democrat) political party; and no reliable verification process.

The chief justice of the Supreme Court, John RINO Roberts, for some unfathomable reason best known to himself (but we can guess), has proved to be spineless in defending the Constitution.  He could have stopped this criminal farce before it became a catastrophe.  He declined and passed the buck.

Hello?  Where is the prosecution of Ilhan Omar for her campaign's flagrant and public ballot-harvesting?  She has already flouted the law on other issues.  In a just world, neither Omar nor the corrupt and treasonous Biden nor Obama's Cabinet would ever be as close to power again as they are now.

The Democrats and RINOs have grossly underestimated the anger of the Constitution-loving public!  These unconstitutional hacks are courting danger.  We've already had one civil war, and now the party of the KKK is once again pushing us toward an extremely unpleasant confrontation.  Peaceful Trump-supporters will be forced to choose between slavery and freedom.  I don't like the odds in favor of the former.

It is the left that has unleashed violence and trampled over the Rule of Law.  Do they seriously expect us to go like lambs to the slaughter?  It's not going to happen.  As they are so fond of the axiom that "the end justifies the means," I suggest they also read what Machiavelli, who embraced that concept, had to say about imposing tyranny on a free people when their hostility is aroused.  It will fail.

The clueless, self-obsessed, tattooed, woke youth, so enamored of Antifa and BLM, won't know what's hit them once they are under the communist boot.  They will be crying for Mommy and begging for their safe spaces.  Bernie Sanders will have his safe, well guarded space, like all the champagne communist oligarchs, but the soy boys don't have enough muscle to fend off a serious attack.  They think that because they got away with mayhem and murder in "the summer of love," they are urban warriors, magically transforming public places into puerile, real-time videogames.  Let's see how that pans out for them when Chinese-paid mercenaries are patrolling the streets.

I suggest that it might be wise for the Democrats and RINOs to hesitate before they steal the election and unleash their puppet-master, Xi Jinping.  Corrupt politicians are a yuan a dozen in Beijing.  Once the Chinese turn the Washington swamp into a Wuhan wet market, their lives will be of no more consequence than a piece of stale bat meat floating in soup.

We are still a long way from total civil war.  It doesn't happen overnight.  Pede poena claudio — retribution comes slowly.  But it will come when goodwill fails, when there is no atonement for wrongdoing, and when ruling elites place power above human life.  If we don't fight this battle now, it will only be a much worse battle later.

Image: Tea Party Protest, Hartford, Conn., April 15, 2009, by Sage Ross.  CC BY-SA 2.0.

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