So now Joe Biden's taking a bow for the COVID vaccine. Eat your heart out, Al Gore

Joe Biden didn't exactly claim credit for the good news from Pfizer about the COVID vaccine.

But he had pals who did, starting with the rubbery little Anthony Scaramucci:

The Mooch later claimed he was trolling. But the fired ex-Trump staffer-turned-Trump-hater pretty well blurted out what the Biden team were doing: Taking ownership.

President Trump pointed out that Pfizer, which embraced a $2 billion incentive from the feds to buy vaccines, should they develop one, was part of the vast operation of Operation Warp Speed, cutting useless regulations and red tape on the government side, providing funds, ramping up industrial production, so that the private sector could find a way to destroy the coronavirus. This was Trump's baby, Trump's unheralded response to COVID-19, the one thing he could do to stop an imported virus, and did.

Biden, though, was the one standing up there on the podium, offering his congratulations to Pfizer, and commanding everyone to go out and wear masks. No thanks of course to President Trump. The victory was all his and he was patting the participants on the back.

According to the New York Post:

“I congratulate the brilliant women and men who helped produce this breakthrough and to give us such cause for hope,” Biden said in a statement, adding that he was informed Sunday night of the development.

Biden also expressed a note of caution, pointing out that more than 1,000 Americans are dying from the disease each day and the “end of the battle against COVID-19 is still months away.”

In the meantime, he urged Americans to continue to follow guidelines offered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Americans will have to rely on masking, distancing, contact tracing, hand washing, and other measures to keep themselves safe well into the next year. Today’s news is great news, but it doesn’t change that fact,” the statement said.

Pfizer announced on Monday that vaccine trial studies show it is more than 90 percent effective.

. That wasn't because President Trump was too lazy to make a statement of his own or didn't think it was worthy of doing.

Note that Sunday night date that Biden said he was informed of it. That was before the markets opened (and rocketed) and before President Trump was informed at all.

According to The Federalist:

The Trump administration awarded the drug company Pfizer $2 billion from taxpayers to produce a coronavirus vaccine available for free to all Americans. Pfizer decided to notify Joe Biden of the latest developments in that vaccine rather than the president who commissioned it and was, in fact, still president at the time of Pfizer’s news.



This by the way, is the same vaccine Kamala Harris said she would refuse to take under a Trump administration, given that it would be so politicized. Anyone in the press going to ask Harris if she'll say 'no,' it will give her cooties?

The vaccine was politicized all right, but in Biden's direction. Big Pharma is full of leftists, finest products of America's ivy league schools and other elitists bubbles.

Why exactly did Pfizer hand the news of the vaccine's success to Joe Biden but not to President Trump, who cleared the way for them and offered them a huge payday if they succeeded? 

And just as important, why did Pfizer fail to release this information in late October, as it promised, undoubtedly having the information, but failed to report until about a week after the highly disputed election?

Some pretty political behavior on the Pfizer side.

But nothing like the attempt to play politics with the matter on the Biden side, creating the entire scenario to suggest that they are the ones claiming the victory and offering the congratulations. Joe Biden isn't president yet, and not even ratified as president-elect, which must be done by the electoral college and Congress. His phony 'Office of the President Elect' has rightly been denied transition resources by the Trump administration given the high likelihood that massive cheating will be documented, uncovered and proven to judges, revealing a stolen election. Instead of wait for the results of such adjudications with confidence, Team Biden is forging straight ahead, attempting a 'squatters' rights' approach to taking the White House, on the possession is 99% of property approach, or whatever the saying is in the real estate world, something President Trump knows a thing about.

It's not Biden's vaccine to claim credit on. It's an attempt to steal credit for it from President Trump. Al Gore boldly claimed to have created the Internet. Biden is trying to do him one better by claiming credit for the COVID vaccine, and the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

It's garbage. He's trying to squat on the White House and he's trying to appropriate credit for the achievements of this Trump White House. Biden always was a plagiarizer but this is disgusting. The entire credit and thanks for this goes to President Trump.



Image credit: Pixabay public domain


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