Sidney Powell: The bravest, smartest, fiercest patriot in America

Sidney Powell is a force of nature as she exposes massive election fraud that swung a landslide win for President Trump to appear like a win for Joe Biden.

Undeterred by threats, she stands almost alone battling this shocking coup against our president.

Most recently, she was interviewed by Mark Steyn (50-minute mark) where she described the breathtaking scope of this fraud against the American people.

The level of corruption is extensive, deep, and broad.

Sidney Powell, appeating on Sunday Morning Futures, with Maria Bartiromo 11/15/20.
YouTube screen grab.

Powell explains the tangled web of Dominion voting systems that were expressly designed to install dictators in Venezuela by manipulating votes.  She states that the algorithm they installed on the systems for our election did not account for the massive landslide Trump was having on Election Night and thus the pause in votes so the algorithm could be recalibrated.

Powell also discussed the international scope of the fraud, including evil actors in China, Venezuela, and elsewhere, while elected official here at home were also in on the scam, hoodwinking the public.

Powell is urging the most prominent states in question to hold off certifying the votes or else they will be complicit in legitimizing fraud.  She would consider a class action lawsuit against states that move forward and do not heed this warning.

She also addressed concerns that Steyn raised about the Supreme Court and the unreliability of John Roberts to do the right thing.  Powell said that if Roberts doesn't think the Supreme Court should accept this case, he should be impeached.

Meanwhile, every second of every minute of every day, vital information is being scrubbed, and the truth is being silenced — further indication of the scope of the fraud perpetrated against us.

And while it's easy to feel frustrated and cynical about how slowly this is going, Powell is doing heavy lifting beyond what any Olympic champion could ever dream of.  And she's doing it at great personal peril.

She needs our help.  And she needs it now.

She and Steyn urged listeners to go to the website for the organization she created where we can donate money to this Herculean legal defense effort and where we can also find vital information.  It's called Defending the Republic — here.

The site also links to Every Legal Vote, where you can monitor the election status and find quick ways to take immediate action — here.

Like Trump, Powell stands nearly alone as she works to take down a level of corruption so vast and all-encompassing that it threatens to devour us all.

Let each and every one of us stand shoulder to shoulder with President Trump and Sidney Powell as they battle monumental forces of evil that have brought us to an unthinkable precipice.

We must do everything in our power to pull this country back from the brink.  Donald Trump and a handful of loyal patriots are leading the charge.  Let us all do our part.

They need an army.

That would be us.

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