Radical left groups are already plotting a coup

A new website is leaking internal documents, images, and videos from radical left groups and people working inside the federal government planning a coup if President Trump wins re-election.  The only way to defeat these people and their ideology is for Trump to have an overwhelming victory that establishes his mandate to restore America's constitutional order.

The website is called "Sunrise Exposed," and it went live on Sunday.  The site explains:

This website houses leaked internal documents, images, videos, and internal communications from The Sunrise Movement and other radical left affinity groups.

What's gotten the most play since the website went live are two videos, one in which federal employees talk about how to take down the Trump government from within and the other in which Antifa-style activists make plans for a full-scale war, one that involves killing people.  YouTube has already removed the second video.

Black & Blonde Media, however, has combined both videos:

If you watched the above video, you heard radical anarchists plot a full blown coup, complete with bloodshed.  It's almost funny when the woman talking about killing and mapping out police stations says, with some surprise, that the party that has the guns fares better when there's a coup.

That woman's insight explains why the Second Amendment counts.  For those who believe in America's constitutional democratic republic, if we're fighting an oppressive government, we need to be armed.  And if we're defending against radical leftists staging a coup, we may also need to be armed.

What's almost more worrisome than some wackadoodles who will probably run away when the National Guard appears is the arrogance and certainty of the federal employees.  They genuinely believe that the bureaucracy is the pre-eminent branch of government.  With their knowledge about and power over the system, they intend to double down on the "resistance" they started in January 2017.

In addition to the videos, Sunrise Exposed uploaded multiple documents from the radical Sunrise Movement.  One of the documents is an "Election Action Guide," which you can also view here.  It overlaps perfectly with what you hear from the mainstream media.  If you didn't know better, wouldn't you think this language came from an overheated MSNBC or CNN panel?

We know that Trump has sown lies about the legitimacy of mail-in voting, and that the right wing media is painting the left as instigators of violence. We know that establishment democrats lack the principles to confront the GOP about their dishonest and disruptive tactics. We know that the Green New Deal can't pass while Trump is in office, and waiting four more years will amount to catastrophic consequences for our communities. But we also know that this will be a narrative battle, rooted in credibility and legitimacy in the public's eyes. We can take control of the narrative to expose Trump and the Republican party as the liars, cheaters and criminals that they are, and demand a fair election process, where everyone's voices are heard. 

There's also a document entitled "Activism Resources for Federal Workers."  Its premise is that Trump loses and refuses to leave office.  It gives all sorts of information about slow-downs, working behind the scenes, coordinating sick days, leaking, disobeying orders, etc.  In other words, it advocates what people in the swamp have already done for four years.

Although the activists paint themselves as victims of a Trumpian tyranny, what they are doing is using their constitutional rights to advance their hard-left goals, all of which will destroy the Constitution. They want the New Green Deal, socialized medicine, free college...

I won't go on.  Just listen to Biden's and Harris's statements or review the Democrat party platform to know the activists' demands.

The overlap between the activists' goals and the Biden-Harris ticket means you cannot appease these domestic terrorists by voting Democrat.  The people in the video are the Democrat party's paramilitary arm.  If Democrats cannot use constitutional procedures to lend a gloss of lawfulness to overturning constitutional principles, these paramilitary groups are ready to step in.

The only sure thing that can defeat these leftist domestic terrorists is for an overwhelming number of Americans to elect Trump and a straight Republican slate.  With that mandate, Trump can finally drain the swamp and bring the criminal justice system to bear against dangerous radicals.

Image: Sunrise Movement activist.  YouTube screen grab.

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