Parallel presidency: So-called 'president-elect' Joe Biden muscles in on President Trump

The votes haven't even been tallied in some places, let alone audited or recounted or certified, and already Joe Biden is running a parallel presidency. So much for 'one president at a time.'

Look at this garbage going on now:




The last tweeter highlighted the bumbling nature of Biden's remarks, but the broader picture is that Biden is holding a conference of governors. That's with Biden, who holds no office, presiding as head of state. And no, he's not telling them to stop the rioters trashing the blue states, that would take leadership. He's undoubtedly making a play for his tax-and-spend agenda, promising federal bailouts to mismanaged spendaholic blue states, to be financed by productive well-managed red-states and their taxpayers. The governors of course, are looking for their best piece of action, trying to get on Biden's good side, knowing that crony deals are a way of life for him. Deals are being cut. Worse still, they aren't subject to the usual Freedom of Information inquiries since they aren't being done on the government dime. You know Biden and the people he's meeting with all know that, so it's a free for all -- payoffs, jobs promised, Americans want us to cooperate. They want us to deliver results. That’s the choice Kamala and I will make. That's why I am pleased that today we were able to bring together business and labor leaders to make that choice with us.

We’re all Americans. Let’s get to work together.

That President Trump may in fact win his case for re-election is irrelevant. There's now two presidents, working at cross purposes, and they're picking the one who wants flattery.

But wait, there's more.

Escalating the corruption potential and absence of public records, he's also presiding and courting big business leaders, the crony capitalists, not the small ones, discussing how best to entrench their interests and quite likely how to enrich his own family members on the side.



Once again, deals are being cut, and the person cut out of this is the actual president of the United States, who unlike Joe, is compelled to follow the law and be accountable. The only way we will find out what went on with Joe and the plutocrats is if Hunter Biden leaves another laptop lying around at the shop. Care to expect another?

That's far from all Biden's doing in his parallel presidency, either. The non-office-holder of the phony Office of the President-Elect is also taking it upon himself to declare to Americans if they're patriotic. He's branding them based on their COVID mask choices, because to him, COVID is power. Get a load of this doozy:



So if you don't wear a mask, you're no patriot, you are an enemy of state. In Biden's logic, just as if you don't vote for Biden, you ain't black, if you don't wear a COVID mask you ain't patriotic. He's got a thing for stripping people of their identity, arrogantly declaring it's his business to do so. And he's not saying this to the mobs of Antifa or the trained-Marxist America-haters at Black Lives Matter, he's pointing his finger at the surfer dude of Orange County who doesn't want to wear a mask while navigating the water alone. What's the opposite of patriotic? Well, traitor. As in, people who should be shot. 

Had enough?

What we are seeing is a really revolting effort to usurp the presidency, from what might be the back end of Trump's presidency. We know that Biden's Democrats, Biden himself, and the sleazy Obama administation holdouts robbed President Trump of the first three years of his presidency, with the despicably dishonest and lawless Russia-Russia-Russia investigation which had utterly zero basis in truth to hound and prosecute him, consequence-free, before moving on to a baseless impeachment. Now we are seeing Democrats try to rob what might be the back months of the presidency from Trump, and more specifically, the voters who elected him, of any value to the presidency. They'd steal an election, why wouldn't they try to steal on two sides the presidency of the man whom they were surprised got elected?

One president at a time? Democrats used to scold Trump on that. But did Trump hold grand meetings with the governors and the business elites when he was president-elect? Not in the least. Trump was Mr. Civility.

Not with the arrogant and entitled Biden, whose record of corruption, dirty tricks, and lawlessness is well known.

It's a good thing President Trump isn't allowing Biden any transition resources until the election disputes are resolved. If he did, there's little doubt Biden would move into the Oval Office and take over.





Image credit: Pixabay public domain

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