One way we could get stuck with (Acting) President Kamala Harris

Many Republicans assume that Democrats do not do any strategic planning.  This is because the Democrats do such a poor job of running the government.  This assumption is incorrect. With the voter fraud in the recent election, we see that Democrats did an enormous amount of planning.  Apparently, they work hard on the one aspect of politics about which they care: gaining power. Let us now try to be one step ahead of them.  We are in the midst of presidential election litigation.  The states in contention are Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  If nothing changes, Joe Biden wins.  If President Trump is able to reverse the results in at least three of these states, he will be declared the president-elect on December 14.  These are not the only possibilities. If some of the states decide they cannot declare a winner, then they will not send any electors to the Electoral...(Read Full Post)
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