Obama's second coup? Obama loyalists muscle out Biden's people in White House line-up

Barack Obama was famous not wanting to leave office when his term was done and well known for projecting a sense of entitlement to power.

We already know he plotted to overturn the results of the 2016 election, using the Russia hoax, the impeachment, and the refusal of many of his political operatives to ever leave office.  It was a slow-motion coup.

Now he's trying a second. 

According to Joel Pollak at Breitbart News:

Joe Biden announced that Obama administration alumna Jen Psaki would be his press secretary, bypassing his devoted campaign spokesperson and surrogate, Symone Sanders.

Sanders would be "Senior Advisor and Chief Spokesperson for the Vice President," the campaign said in an announcement.

Sanders stood by Biden's side through thick and thin, including the dark days after the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, when he placed fourth and fifth, respectively. At one point, with the campaign unable to afford security, Sanders tackled a protester onstage herself:


Sanders also fielded questions from reporters in the spin room after primary debates, which Biden never did himself.

All that, and she can't score a lowly press secretary job?  Not a nice way to thank someone.  Looks as if the Obamatons are muscling in.

Psaki, meanwhile, did nothing for the Biden campaign.  She was a plotter, though, back when she was in the Obama State Department, famous for attempting to cover up various Obama-era scandals.

Oh, and she worked with John Kerry, who was then secretary of state, posing for this picture with a Soviet-era red-star insignia hat, much to the Russian foreign minister's delight.  Kerry somehow is getting his people in above the Biden loyalists, and it all has much to do with his ties to Obama.  Kerry, meanwhile, scored a "climate czar" gig with Biden, ensuring that he will be dining well at international conferences.

Several other Obama operatives are taking Biden positions, after doing nothing, save for the end, at best, to help Biden's presidential campaign, suggesting that the hollow-victory Biden administration is just a placeholder for the return of an Obama third term.  It's a sign that Obama éminence grise is more than a little active, behind the scenes as she always is.

Now, it's possible that Sanders wasn't really passed up, but dispatched to keep an eye on the lean-and-hungry Kamala Harris and her California-political-machine plottings, and keep Joe apprised.  It would be nice to have a look at the salary figures of the two press officers.

But it's apparent that the Obama team is muscling in, sidelining the Biden team.  Many of these characters know where all the bodies are buried.  Some, such as Biden's nominee to the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, were fellow partakers in Biden-style corruption.  (Nominee Alejandro Mayorkas was caught in a green card scam.)  They all have the same low swamp standards and now can all be corrupt together, in an honor-among-thieves dynamic.  The suppression of the Hunter Biden emails has already sent a message that selling out the country for cash means nobody gets punished. 

The bad signs are starting early because so much Obama is present in this administration.  Biden really is a rag doll, a puppet, a front.  As the Biden Cabinet forms, look for the hand of Obama.

Image credit: Wikipedia, public domain.

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