Lawyers, investigators uncovering fraud and corruption in key 2020 election states

Big Tech and the mainstream media are the only ones who have called the election for Joe Biden.  Fortunately, neither of those institutions decides who will serve as our president.  Only the American people, guided by the rule of law, can do that.

Ensuring that the 2020 presidential election is resolved lawfully and consistently with the Constitution is imperative.  But time is short, and the forces seeking to prevent scrutiny of the results are powerful.

The coronavirus pandemic gave biased actors an opening to exploit chaos, fear, and uncertainty to manipulate the electoral process in a lawless manner designed to benefit the left.  What we are seeing now is the result of those efforts.

The world's strongest democracy deserves an open and fair election for all American voters.  Not to allow the rule of law to be followed and prevail disenfranchises every American voter.  The president is not picked by Big Tech or big media companies.  Rather, the Constitution and federal and state laws designed to allow Americans to fairly cast their ballot and observe the counting of those ballots protect the voice of each and every American, regardless of ideology.

These laws were not followed.  Windows were boarded up to prevent observation.  People were kicked out of counting rooms.  Americans were denied their right to witness what went on in the counting rooms.  This lawlessness — and yes, I mean lawlessness, in that there was a willful defiance of the law — has called hundreds of thousands of ballots into question.

Mr. Trump does not win a second term unless the Electoral College awards him a majority when it convenes in mid-December.  Likewise, Mr. Biden cannot become president-elect until that same time.  This is our law.  This is our Constitution.  Every American should allow the law and Constitution to work toward the transparent and fair election we deserve.

As director of the Amistad Project run by the non-partisan Thomas More Society, I have a large and growing team of lawyers and investigators working in key states — such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Georgia — to identify and expose the corruption and fraud that we believe is responsible for the appearance of a Biden victory in this election.  The details are gradually coming into focus, but the left's broader strategy has been apparent for months, and we've been fighting it every step of the way.

It started with last-minute changes to election procedures, many of which violate state election laws, that were explicitly designed to make it easier for voters to cast ballots by mail and open the door for fraud.  Billionaires such as Mark Zuckerberg were then able to step in and funnel hundreds of millions of dollars through left-wing nonprofits to ensure that voters in left-leaning jurisdictions would disproportionately benefit from the new rules while also paying the salaries of those receiving and counting votes.

Ballot drop boxes, for instance, were made plentiful in left-leaning urban areas such as Philadelphia, but they were few and far between in the more sparsely populated counties where Donald Trump tends to draw his strongest support. 

Leftist governors delivered another blow to conservative voters at the eleventh hour, using COVID as an excuse to make in-person voting more difficult on Election Day by closing polling locations.

Giving liberal voters unequal access to the ballot box was only the most visible part of the strategy.  The second phase began once the votes had been cast.  Based primarily on coronavirus concerns, election officials refused to give Republican observers meaningful access to the counting rooms where results were being tabulated, even going so far as to lock the doors and cover the windows in some locations.

In the absence of meaningful oversight, left-leaning poll workers set about "curing" ballots that had been rejected by voting machines for irregularities.  That means interpreting the intentions of a voter when that person was not present, filling out a new ballot on his behalf, and discarding the original.  That's obviously a monumental exercise of discretion, which is why state laws require observers from both parties to be present when ballots are "cured."

In most places, laws were followed and transparency was maintained.  Unfortunately, that was not the case in some of the jurisdictions that may well determine the outcome of this extremely close election.  Disparate treatment of voters based on who they are, where they live, or which candidates they support is a violation of numerous federal laws, as well as the U.S. Constitution.

Big Tech and the mainstream media are declaring the election over based on the unofficial results of a deeply flawed process.  There is still time to restore certainty and transparency to this election, but we must act quickly and decisively. 

The world's strongest democracy has the strength to make sure that this presidential election is fair and transparent.  Right now, it is not.

Phill Kline is a former Kansas attorney general.  He currently serves as pulpit pastor of Amherst Baptist Church, a law school professor, and director of the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society.  Previously, he served as president of the Midwest Association of Attorneys General, was on the Executive Committee of the National Association of Attorneys General, and was co-chairperson of the Violent Sexual Predator Apprehension Task Force.  He was a Kansas House member for eight years where he chaired the Appropriations Committee and the Taxation Committee and authored victim's rights laws and welfare reform.