Keith Olbermann says out loud what the fascist left is thinking

When evil rages through large crowds of people, it has a hard time remaining silent.  Those intent on furthering crimes of historic importance have a hard time keeping their mouths shut.  Usually, it is the peripheral players with the loosest lips, for they want to be part of what they see as a triumph over those they hate (hatred being the handmaiden of evil).  But sometimes, even those at the heart of darkness lose their normal restraints and say out loud what they are planning (13 second video).  Joe Biden's apparent dementia may have turned off his filter.

Keith Olbermann never had much of a filter to begin with, and the loss of his former cable news platform seems to have unleashed his id even more than before.  Here he is on his YouTube platform, captured in a tweet by Ian Miles Cheong, laying out his desire for a totalitarian police state in which Donald Trump and his supporters, "flunkies," and "apologists" (by which he must mean me among many others) are imprisoned in such numbers that vast new prisons are necessary (hat tip: Fred T).

Don't expect Joe Biden or any other Democrat to be asked to comment by the media.

Don't hold your breath waiting for condemnation from anyone on the left.

Instead, fight like hell, and send those donations to the Trump legal team and the Georgia Republican senators.

Photo credit: Twitter screen grab (cropped).

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