James Woods exposes dozens of local news shows reading from the same (Biden) script

See update below: It's no secret that I admire James Woods for his insight, artistry, and vigor.  His Twitter account (I don't yet see him on Parler) is a continuing source of inspiration for its concise, often humorous, commentary on the political scene. He's done it again! This time, with a video that effectively raises the chilling reality that local TV news across the country has been co-opted into dutifully mouthing the same scripts, written to indoctrinate the public with leftist propaganda.  In this case, beware of "disinformation" (from you know who), cloaked in self-righteousness.  By combining the voices of multiple TV broadcasters on their respective stations into a chorus, with a collage of their images, this tweet exposes a genuine scandal in an impactful way. The “news” pic.twitter.com/rfCoXbzskp — James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) November 14, 2020 Hat tip: Not...(Read Full Post)
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