James Woods exposes dozens of local news shows reading from the same (Biden) script

See update below:

It's no secret that I admire James Woods for his insight, artistry, and vigor.  His Twitter account (I don't yet see him on Parler) is a continuing source of inspiration for its concise, often humorous, commentary on the political scene.

He's done it again!

This time, with a video that effectively raises the chilling reality that local TV news across the country has been co-opted into dutifully mouthing the same scripts, written to indoctrinate the public with leftist propaganda.  In this case, beware of "disinformation" (from you know who), cloaked in self-righteousness.  By combining the voices of multiple TV broadcasters on their respective stations into a chorus, with a collage of their images, this tweet exposes a genuine scandal in an impactful way.

Hat tip: Not the Bee

Update: We are reliably informed that this video dates from 2018, and was based on Sinclair Broadcasting stations, all reading from the same memorandum distributed to them by the company, accusing the national media of spreading fake news. The original compilation was created by the site Deadspin.

We regret the misattribution.


Image credit: Twitter video screen grab.