It's possible that 2020's election fraud is way bigger than we thought

Two massive Twitter threads contend that serious computer fraud two years ago in Texas, which turned strong red districts blue, was essentially a trial run for what's been playing out across America in this election.  This post summarizes the core claims in those threads, along with interlineations of information I found. One Twitter thread comes from Roscoe B. Davis, the other from Bad Kitty. Scytl is a Barcelona-based company that provides electronic voting systems worldwide, many of which have proven vulnerable to electronic manipulation.  Scytl has (or had) Soros and Democrat party connections.  Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's Vulcan Capital has invested $40 million in Scytl. In 2012, Scytl acquired all the assets of SOE Software, which was then America's largest voting machine and software vendor.  Scytl also acquired the trade name "Clarity Elections" and rebranded its American...(Read Full Post)
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