If you hate woke education now, wait until Biden is done with it

Academia has long been the incubator for some of the worst ideas in American society. Since World War II ended, America’s colleges and universities have been indoctrinating young Americans with economic and cultural Marxism, including, among other things, hatred for America, white people, straight people, gender norms, and Christians and Jews. President Trump has finally begun pushing back, but you can expect the Biden administration to double down on this madness if Biden wins.

Every bit of warped thinking in America started in academia. It started simply enough with economic Marxism. Academics began attacking capitalism and free markets after World War II. The trend accelerated rapidly during the 1960s and became the dominant mindset by the end of the 1990s.

The problem with pushing academic Marxism is that it never meshed well with America, which did not have people stuck in stratified economic classes. As Henry Higgins once sang, “An Englishman's way of speaking absolutely classifies him. The moment he talks, he makes some other Englishman despise him.” It was almost impossible for the English (or other Europeans) to leave their class.

America, though, had social mobility. While there have always been poor people, they have not always been the same poor people. The immigrant was poor, his daughter was working class, and her son was middle class.

Deprived of economic Marxism to undercut America, leftist academics turned to attacking American society at large. Campuses abandoned Martin Luther King to insist that race is determinative and that white skin means an evil mind.

Professors ridiculed Judeo-Christian notions of sexual chastity and fidelity in favor of a free-for-all sexual smorgasbord that destroyed the family and weakened male-female relations. They rejected biology by insisting that people can magically transform their sex, sometimes on a minute-by-minute basis. And they brutalized the whole idea of a united and free America, saying instead that America is a nation based on slavery and filled with racial and gender division.

College students are easily persuaded, so they drank in these ideas and spread them to K-12 education, corporations (where college graduates went into management), the media, and the state and federal bureaucracies. That’s how we ended up with black only dorms at colleges, Critical Race Theory at the IRS, men with beards in the women’s restroom at Target, and insane, screaming, white women on the streets telling black cops that they’re race traitors.

President Trump recently started efforts to stop the madness. He’s banned Critical Race Theory for any entity accepting federal grant money or contracts, and he’s issued an executive order on free speech. He’s also trying to remedy the disaster that is American history classes teaching students to despise America.

Stanley Kurtz has looked closely at Biden’s plans for American education and says that he will undo Trump’s efforts and put campus leftism on steroids.  (Hat tip: Power Line.) Kurtz’s article is long, but you need to know what’s ahead if Biden wins. The following is just Kurtz’s summary, and it’s scary enough:

In contrast, former Vice President Biden and his running mate Senator Kamala Harris have enthusiastically embraced the woke ideology of systemic racism, have largely adopted Senator Bernie Sanders’s socialist plan to massively expand our education system and direct it from the federal center, and have promised a series of culture-war initiatives from the Left that will further undermine principles such as due process, religious liberty, traditional understandings of family and sexuality, and the right of parents to direct the education and socialization of their children.

Here are some of the things Kurtz says we can expect:

  • Basic education (reading, writing, and arithmetic) will continue to decline.
  • Free college will mean that Americans who don’t attend college will pay for those who do – and those who do will, in turn, go on to higher-paying jobs. It’s a perfect regressive tax.
  • Biden promises to return to the Obama-era approach to Title IX, which stripped male students of all rights if a female accused them of sexual wrongdoing.
  • If Democrats pass the Equality Act, a freshman female could find that her dorm roommate is a mentally ill male, complete with male hormones and genitals, who thinks he’s female.

I’ll add three more things to the list of education trends under Biden-Harris:

  • Colleges will continue the trend of racial segregation.
  • From Kindergarten through college, “American history” will become “American hate-story.”
  • Parents will have no say in what their children learn.

Education in America aims for indoctrination over knowledge. That trend will be set in stone if Biden wins the election.