If we keep putting up with election cheating, it will keep happening

Does it really surprise anyone?  It's what cheaters do — they cheat.  And why not, when you continually get away with it?  Why stop?  The 2008 Norm Coleman versus Al Franken election, won by Coleman, is a perfect example.  Harry Reid refused to accept the election result, which was overturned when ballots were "found" in the trunk of a vehicle.  How convenient — the necessary votes to reverse the election by a neat 312-vote margin, found in the trunk of a car.  Feckless Republicans did nothing.  Further revelations of voter fraud with inmates illegally casting votes for Franken came to light, but by then, Franken had been sworn in, and America just accepted the Democrats' cheating ways.  In this way, Democrats got that magic number in the Senate by which they could perpetrate any crime they wished on America.  It is how the Big Lie, Obamacare, was foisted on Americans.

Then there were those 2018 House elections.  How many of those were the byproduct of voter fraud?  Four flipped seats in New Jersey, three in New York, five in Pennsylvania,  three in Minnesota, six in California, placing Nancy Pelosi back in the speaker position.  How about those seats won by Republican but then reversed in California?  How much of a buffer did they provide to keep Republicans from winning back the House in 2020?  As an American, I deserve to know how many seats have been stolen over the years!  Voter fraud by mail — what could possibly go wrong?  Revelations that ballot envelopes were backdated at multiple Post Offices, stolen ballots, ballots thrown away by postal workers — one more federal agency that loses all credibility.  On Election Night,  Trump had a 700,000-vote lead, and the Democrats had to erase that lead in any way possible.  After all, elections are too important to let the peasants decide the outcome.

Details continue to emerge, documenting what we all know, what we all expected: the most massive voter fraud scandal in the history of the United States.  Whether it was a Freudian slip, an honest moment courtesy of Joe Biden's advancing dementia, or emboldened arrogance, Biden proclaimed that they have created a large "voter fraud organization."  On November 3, 2020, we witnessed that voter fraud perpetrated on the American people, and attempts to legitimize it by the Masters of the Universe (Facebook, Twitter, and Google); fraudulent pollsters; and the MSM. 

The hypocrisy of The Washington Post using the tagline "Democracy Dies in Darkness" should be our rallying call, as we witness images of votes being tallied in backrooms with individual holding up placards obscuring their dirty deeds.  We have reports of poll-watchers being denied admission to polling precincts in Philadelphia.  We have Arizona Representative Paul Gosar being denied entry into a Maricopa County election center while ballots are counted.  These are not the actions of a constitutional republic; they are the actions of a banana republic.  We expect such in Fidel Castro's Cuba or Hugo Chávez's Venezuela.  You can expect that it will lead to the same results.  If you doubt me, look to the left — to California, the fifth largest economy in the world, once a model state, until Jerry Brown, the first time.  Look at government mismanagement of the state.  Look at the homeless tent cities lining the streets of San Francisco.  Might I suggest you check out the feces map app before you do?  It would be a shame to step in a pile of number two.

We put a man on the moon in 1969.  Why is it that in 2020, we cannot have election integrity?  Because corrupt politicians have too much to lose.  They will not let the unwashed masses take away their seat on the Gravy Train.  Federal election guidelines need to be established that protect voter integrity.  Personally, I want paper ballots that can be tallied by machines and then verified manually and tallied by both parties to ensure integrity in the vote.

You have a constitutional and God-given right to demand that your vote counts.  You have a right to an election process that has safeguards that assure that your vote is not rendered meaningless with fabricated votes, votes cast by those not eligible to vote, or votes electronically manipulated.

They say actions have consequences.  Well, so does inaction.  We need to, as Americans, demand an honest election.  In 2020, it looks as though the courts will be forced to exercise the Rule of Law.  Fortunately, we have a fighter in President Trump, who will do everything in his power to see to it that the American people's rights will be guarded.

A day of reckoning needs to come for the individuals responsible for this seditious behavior of the last four years and more importantly for their criminal behavior of trying to steal the 2020 election.  Justice must be served.  Until that time arrives, the responsibility falls on us to once again step up to demonstrate our support for President Trump, the Constitution, and the United States of America.  Our Republicans in Congress will not.  Look no farther than feckless Pat Toomey.

We need to demand our rights!  We need to be loud and proud while we pay homage to all those who gave their lives in wars fighting for this country and guaranteeing your rights!  We need to reject the false elections results they think they can force upon us.  It's our time to MAGA!

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