I stand with President Trump

I stand with President Trump.

But what does it mean to say that in the sense of having an impact and making a difference?

Here are some thoughts.  I hope AT readers will chime in.

Standing with Trump means we hold firm and don't waver while he fights in the courts to expose and remedy what appears to be massive, systemic election fraud.

It means we speak up when we communicate with others, whether in person, on social media, or by contacting conservative media outlets that are starting to go wobbly.

It means reaching out to our elected officials to read them the riot act about their cowardice and apparent willingness to allow this nation to slide into a socialist nightmare that includes electronic manipulation of our votes!  (Yes, I know they often don't care, but we must do this anyway.)

It means reaching out to those few elected officials (the usual tiny handful) who are standing by Trump, to say "thank you" and to urge them to be even more bold and outspoken.

It means contacting relevant officials in key states to let them know we're watching and what we expect to be done.  (Once again, set aside the cynical voice and just do it.)

It means we follow patriots such as Lin Wood (here), who's working tirelessly for the president, and we follow his recommendations such as in this recent tweet:

Time for GA officials to hear from The People. Email these officials & demand special session of legislature. You can make a difference. brian.kemp@gov.ga.gov bradraffensperger@sos.ga.gov  geoff.duncan@ltgov.ga.gov loeffler@senate.gov perdue@senate.gov david.ralston@house.ga.gov

It means we attend rallies to show our support and make our voices heard.

It means donating money to the president's legal defense fund.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

It means understanding that no matter how tired, anxious, or uncertain we feel, we must stand strong.  We must remember how many blows Trump has taken for us and how many he continues to take.  And we must remember everything that's on the line.

It means not losing sight of what's at stake even as hope may seem lost as the leftist machine marginalizes him (and all of us) as they demean, attack, diminish, manipulate, and try to cut off all avenues of communication.

And it means praying every day.

Pray for President Trump's safety and for the safety of those around him who are loyal and who have America's best interest at heart.

Pray that he, and we, will be victorious.

And pray for America.

I hope AT readers will share some prayers in the comments section.

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