'Hillbilly Elegy' effectively addresses the crisis of modernity

The movie Hillbilly Elegy is an outstanding portrayal of what life is like for many in the white working class. I was a little apprehensive since I read the book by J.D. Vance and really enjoyed it, but all of the three reviews I read for the movie based on the book were negative. One thing they tended to say was that the movie is a cartoonish portrayal of what many call "white trash," and the performances of Amy Adams and Glenn Close weren't worthy of the topic. But after seeing it, I strongly disagree.  I would go so far as to say that both deserve Academy Awards for such unbelievably great performances.  Although Adams got top billing as J.D. Vance's mother Bev, Glenn Close may have stolen the show with her portrayal of J.D. Vance's grandmother, whom he calls "Mamaw." J.D. Vance himself appeared on Tucker Carlson's show Monday night, where they briefly discussed the...(Read Full Post)
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