Future deep state policies

If the Deep State is successful in its coup against President Trump, there will never be another legitimate presidential election in the United States.  Even with a "conservative" president, the Deep State has continued to dominate the commanding heights of American society.  The intel agencies have been allowed to stonewall legislators when they request information and will continue to do so.  The IRS will be unleashed to cripple conservative organizations.  Every government agency will be mobilized to harass those who disagree with government initiatives.  The media will be enlisted to conceal information damaging to the leftist cause and amplify information favorable to its cause.  Alternatives to Twitter and Facebook will face increasing restrictions.

A President Biden might not last 6 months before he is replaced by Kamala Harris.  According to Newsweek, Harris is considered further left that Bernie Sanders.  Left wing social policies will intensify.  If a person wants to advance in his or her career, conformity is essential.  The Washington Post's "conservative" writer Jennifer Ruben threatened, “Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into 'polite' society. We have a list.”  Former President Obama also has a list.  Maxine Waters described, “The president has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life."  

Progressives can violate the law with impunity.  Policies like sanctuary cities have been allowed to flourish during the Trump administration.  Policies followed by conservative localities in defiance of the federal government will be dealt with harshly by a Biden/Harris administration.  Individuals like James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper can lie under oath to Congress without consequences.  People like General Michael Flynn and Roger Stone can be ruined financially or imprisoned even on the flimsiest charges.  Expect more predawn raids.  As American cities burn the major concern of the intelligence community is white supremacists.

Programs dealing with "white privilege" will be reinstituted in the schools, corporate America, and the government bureaucracy.  White guilt will become ever more fashionable.  Police forces throughout the country will be "reformed" under the direction of the Justice department.  This will result in an increase in crime which will disproportionately affect minority communities. The New York Times' 1619 Project will receive a second wind. Immigration from the Third World will be increased.  It will become unfashionable to say "Merry Christmas" again.

During the French Revolution there was much bloodshed due to the extremism of the revolutionaries.  People like Denis Diderot, one of the intellectuals of the era just before the 1789 revolution, advised, “Let us strangle the last king with the entrails of the last priest.”  Americans who do not believe that the U.S. harbors people like him today are dreaming.  The Trump administration was restrained from prosecuting former President Obama.  Does anyone believe that a Harris administration with show similar restraint?

There is one option available to the Trump administration.  The president can notify to heads of the major media companies that massive fraud has taken place and have them demand an investigation.  Of course the media would laugh at this demand.  At that point the president should inform them that he intends to release the Anthony Wiener laptop information unedited along with the complete Hunter Biden laptop info.  This would expose the massive corruption of the American elite and is no small thing.  Sidney Powell, an extremely responsible source, described the Wiener laptop: “The New York police officers who saw some of it even though they were hardened investigators literally had to throw up.


John Dietrich is a freelance writer and the author of The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet Influence on American Postwar Policy (Algora Publishing).  He has a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations from St. Mary’s University.  He is retired from the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.  He is featured on the BBC's program "Things We Forgot to Remember:" Morgenthau Plan and Post-War Germany.

Image credit: Screenshot from a camera aimed at a television set, processed with FotoSketcher.

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