Fox News's betrayal — there's a question hanging in the air

Now that millions of Fox News's loyal viewers have awakened to the network's betrayal, what are we to think about those hosts we have let into our homes all these years?  We've long thought these anchors we relied upon for actual news were on the same political page as their viewers — reverence for the Constitution, law enforcement, our military, freedom, belief in American greatness, etc.

While it was clear some were not all-in Trump fans, Fox viewers assumed they shared their values.  So have they been faking all these years?  Have they gone home and made fun of Fox-watchers and voted Democrat?  Or have they now been ordered by Rupert Murdoch's son to move left, to mimic CNN and MSNBC? 

Chris Wallace revealed himself to be a partisan leftist, an anti-Trump guy, years ago, so Fox News Sunday was no longer a must-watch program.  He really exposed his bias in that first presidential debate; that was the final blow for conservatives re: Wallace.

Wallace is as committed a leftist as little George Stephanopoulos of ABC and the moonbats on CNN and MSNBC.

But that Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum, Arthel Neville, Sandra Smith, Chris Stirewalt, et al. are suddenly all anti-Trumpers to the point of supporting a rigged election is a shock.  Were they pretending then, or are they pretending now?  Either way, millions of us are no longer tuning in to Fox News. 

The network has stabbed its loyal viewers in the back, and the viewers are not taking it lying down.  They are switching over to Newsmax and OAN or just leaving their televisions off.  Thankfully, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other sources for actual news.  Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and their fellow tyrants of social media are not the only games in town.  They are Soviet-style censors of any thoughts or words with which they disagree.  This is how they control the dissemination and suppression of information. 

If the millions of Americans who cast their votes for Biden had known about his decades of corruption re: China, Ukraine, and numerous other nations, all information suppressed by Google, Facebook, and Twitter, would they have reconsidered their votes?  Most likely.  If they hate President Trump so much they would knowingly vote for a lifelong self-serving, get-rich-quick corrupt pol, then they may reap what they have sown if Biden is inaugurated.  He will undo all the tremendous accomplishments of the Trump administration.

And given their tone of the last week, Fox News will be on board, not at all different from CNN and the rest of the fake news media.  Unless someone develops a new network based on the preservation of America as founded, cable news will be dead to all but the hard left.  Those of us who have for years made it our go-to news channel will have left, feeling tricked, cheated. 

So what is the answer to that question hanging in the air?  Have Fox News hosts been pretending to be conservative and pro-American all these years and mocking us when they are out and about?  Or have they been coerced into defending an obviously rigged election by the newer powers that be at Fox?  Neil Cavuto on Tuesday cut away from Kayleigh McEnany's press conference because she was detailing the then known facts of voter fraud that we were not going to be allowed to hear.  Much more is known now.

Cavuto, like Wallace, Smith, Stirewalt, and the rest of them, should hang his head in shame, for long pretending to be what they are not: honest, objective journalists.  It now seems that they are not at all different from Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O'Donnell.  They all want to be invited to the elitist D.C. parties with the cool people.  The media and D.C. swamp have worn them down, and they have now been rendered as irrelevant as Joe Biden, a Democrat place-holder, a non-entity — no more, no less. 

Like the rest of the MSM, Fox has melded with a thoroughly compromised media establishment to do Biden's handlers' bidding.  Who are his handlers?  A long list of anti-American operatives, many of them funded by George Soros and the panoply of corrupt organizations he funds and directs in his quest to destroy the U.S., along with a host of far-left radicals who share Soros's anti-democratic vision for the world.

Fox News had a good run until it caved to the left.  The network's embrace of yet another coup attempt has destroyed it in the eyes of the millions of viewers its operators took for granted.

"The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies."

Image credit: Rae Whitlock via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.

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