Democrat Party devolves into 'dumpster fire'

In an electoral aftermath where they expected to be sitting smug and pretty, Democrats instead have devolved into fights and finger-pointing, pinning the blame on one another for the absence of a blue wave, screeching with fury.

That's the report from Politico, which quoted one Democrat lawmaker calling it "a dumpster fire."

Just 24 hours earlier, Democrats including Bustos and Speaker Nancy Pelosi were boasting about the opportunity to expand their majority, with some even predicting they could win as many as a dozen seats in the House by clawing back GOP territory in the suburbs of Texas, Ohio and Illinois.

But by Wednesday morning, party officials and the rank and file were in panic mode as they awaited the results of nearly 20 members of the Democrats' historic freshman class that handed the party control of the House just two years ago. And already they were saying goodbye to at least a half-dozen of their centrist Democratic colleagues, who were stunned by GOP challengers on Tuesday, including Abby Finkenauer in Iowa and Donna Shalala in Florida.

So they all hate each other and are looking to find one among them to blame.  Some are calling for Nancy Pelosi's head.  Others are questioning why Cheri Bustos, a top Democrat policymaker, is still in her job, especially since no one knows whether she won her re-election yet.

Some Democrats were privately more blunt: "It's a dumpster fire," said one lawmaker, who declined to be named.

So even though they've quite possibly managed to steal the re-election from Donald Trump, it's no wave for them.  Their support for rioters, their failure to pass a stimulus package, their call for permanent COVID lockdown, their high taxes, and other garbage are actually a sign of a party on the wane and splitting apart.  Joe Biden will be a lame duck president from day one and can only look forward to being the next Franklin Pierce, Warren Harding, or James Buchanan.

Now a fight breakout seems likely, given that they lost about ten congressional seats, leaving only a threadbare majority in the House and zero control in the Senate.  Joe Biden's "victory" is actually an anomaly going against the popular trend, which is yet another reason for thinking the whole thing is fraud. 

What a fine spectacle it will be to see Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic dinosaurs in open conflict with the Squad.  The press, with nothing better to do, will suddenly be interested in investigating corrupt old Joe Biden.  The Deep State will fight with the old Obama machine.  The Bernie-ites will fight with the Hillaryites.  Big Tech, Big Labor, and the greenie wokester billionaires will be at one another's throats.  Racism howls should be hurled back and forth.

The New York Post's Miranda Devine points out that the House's gains set it up for a red-wave election in two years:

The fatal miscalculations of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in cynically refusing to negotiate on the latest stimulus bill have cost the Democrats dearly in the House, where they have gone backward by at least six seats. They did not manage to get rid of a single Republican. So much for the blue wave.

The failure means that in 2022, the House is more likely to revert to Republican control, setting up a lame-duck presidency.

They'll be like badgers fighting over scraps.

In other words, a dumpster fire.  Fake victories and falling majorities are no way to create peace, pals.

Image credit: Ben Watts, via Flickr and Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.

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