Dallas turns blue and very unsafe

The Texas electoral map looks pretty red except for those blue squares in Dallas and other cities. Yes, Texas is starting to look a lot like other states where people live in Democrat cities, competitive suburbs and rural areas dominated by the GOP.

So what happens in blue cities?  Crime goes up, and Dallas is no exception, as we see in these news reports:   

A new spike in violent crime drew response Monday from Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and Police Chief U. Renee Hall.

Since Wednesday, there have been at least 24 shootings with 29 victims and 11 deaths.

The string of violence began Wednesday afternoon with the freeway killing of Dallas rap music star Mo3, known to his family as Melvin Noble. The 28-year old was a Dallas native. He was shot in the middle of the day on the I-35E R. L.Thornton Freeway as he tried to run away, police said.

A sad story but getting more common.   I've lived in this area since 1984 and we did not have this problem years ago.  There was your occasional crime of passion but not crime like this.  Who knew that Dallas would remind us of Chicago’s weekend shootouts?

Of course, crime has other consequences.  It drives people to the suburbs.  It discourages businesses moving to Texas from selecting Dallas as their home addresses.  Like other blue cities, Dallas is short on police officers.

So what's our city council doing?  They are talking about bringing down statues and discussing our "racist" past.  Maybe they should talk about our growing crime problem.

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Image: Pleasant Grove & Proud

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