Coloradans unleash wolves on their neighbors: A fitting metaphor for COVID

Some recent news from Colorado is a better metaphor for the current unpleasantness than any novelist or screenwriter could invent.  On Election Day (or rather, in the late campaign, during the two months or so of voting), the people of Colorado voted, by the narrow margin of 50.84% to 49.16%, to reintroduce gray wolves in the areas of Colorado west of the continental divide.  Without digging too deep into the details, the people for the measure, labeled Proposition 114, supported it for environmentalist and conservationist reasons.  The opponents, especially those who lived to the west of the continental divide, opposed it because they feared that the wolves would harm their property and themselves.  However, the measure carried largely because Denver and Boulder, despite overwhelming opposition in most rural counties, voted for it by a 2:1 margin.  I'll let you guess on which side of the continental divide Denver and Boulder...(Read Full Post)
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