Bush 43 calls Biden 'president-elect' and the election 'fundamentally fair'

On Monday, November 9, the normally passive and mute ex-president Bush is reported have telephoned Joe Biden and, ignoring basic constitutional law, addressed Biden as "president- elect."  Worse still, in a separate public statement, Bush went on to reassure the nation that the election was "fundamentally fair" and that "its integrity will be upheld."

Is the man completely uninformed or blind, or is his scale of values so twisted that he places personal grudges ahead of America's electoral integrity and protection of the nation from destructive rule by the radical left?  Or does his ludicrously premature public statement about "fundamental fairness" and "integrity" of the election prefigure (adumbrate?) an intention to formally switch parties, rather than merely to render critical assistance to Democrats when they seem to need it?

If indeed Bush intends to leave us, it's unclear whether the Democrats would want him.  After all, they spent the last four years of his presidency labeling him with every epithet in their vast dictionary of defamatory insults.  But if they do, after Bush's November 9 public statement, the vast majority of President Trump's 71 million supporters would be ready to help gift-wrap the man and contribute to the overnight delivery charges.

A worse betrayal of the critical ongoing struggle for electoral integrity in the face of overwhelming statistical and growing direct evidence of large-scale fraud is hard to imagine.  Among conservatives and those who made his and his father's 12 years in the White House possible, Bush's public attack on the president's courageous effort to uphold electoral decency will never be forgotten.

There is a unique hypocritical irony that this treacherous statement should have been made by George W. Bush, a man who should know better than any other living human being that in the 21st-century America, threatened by the party of "by any means possible," presidential elections don't end when the first allegedly final count is announced.

For those who've forgotten, especially for the treacherous Bush himself, in 2000, it took an army of indefatigable lawyers nearly two months following Election Day to prevent the theft of Florida and the presidency through selective recounting of heavily Democrat counties.

Even that herculean effort was not enough: the 2000 Democrats' "search till we win" operation in south Florida, prefiguring today's Democrats' "by any means necessary," was ultimately stopped only by a 5-4 decision of the United States Supreme Court.

In sum, the 2000 election of George W. Bush required hand-to-hand post-election combat for two months on multiple fronts, followed by a Supreme Court decision, to drag the weak-willed GWB across the finish line and deposit him in the Oval Office.

But on Monday, November 9, forgetting his own political past and disregarding the nation's peril, and while those actually paying attention see overwhelming statistical and direct evidence of massive, result-changing electoral criminality, this man tells us and our embattled president to ignore all this unprecedented, multi- faceted, plainly visible electoral fraud and submit quietly to rule by the most radical gang of political revolutionaries on the brink of power that the nation has seen.

President Trump should fight on against the obvious attempt to destroy the honesty and trustworthiness of our electoral processes.  And his supporters are confident that he will fight on, because, unlike the Bush political clan, he keeps his promises to those who elected him, and he possesses a fighting spirit that none of them remotely approached.

On November 9, 2020, George W. Bush made what it is devoutly to be hoped will be his last poisonous gift to those who elected him twice and to the constitutional values, electoral processes and institutions he falsely claimed to believe in.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey (cropped) under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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