Buried news: The world has become safer under President Trump

In 2016,  the people of the U.S. listed terrorism near the top of the list of things they were worried about.  

Now it is down on the list because the world has become a safer place under President Trump.

Here's a little noticed item from Breitbart News:

When the Pew Research Center asked registered voters in summer 2016 what the top issues influencing their votes were, 80 percent said that terrorism was “very important,” more than any issue but the economy. In summer 2020, the issue wasn’t even on the list.

The tenure of President Donald Trump has proven catastrophic for what was, at the time of his inauguration, considered the most dangerous terrorist organization on the planet: the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), which had split from its parent group al-Qaeda with only two years left to the Obama administration and established its “caliphate” on June 29, 2014.

The Trump era, which resulted in both the demise of the “caliphate” and “caliph” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, experienced an over 60-percent drop in the number of casualties attributable to the core Islamic State group, according to a Breitbart News analysis of data from the State Department’s Annual Country Reports on Terrorism. Under President Barack Obama, ISIS beheaded at least four times the number of civilians as under Trump, despite the fact that ISIS in its current state was founded with less than three years left in Obama’s tenure.

Breitbart News tallied the total number of both deaths and injuries (“casualties”) beginning in early 2014, when the Islamic State split from al-Qaeda, through 2016 as casualties during the Obama era. Those from the beginning of 2017 through 2019, the last year for which data is available, fell under the Trump era.

The State Department’s report documented 41,213 casualties and 3,174 terrorism incidents attributable to core ISIS (not affiliate groups or ISIS-inspired individuals) during the Obama era. Under Trump, the report listed up to 15,728 casualties and 2,079 incidents, representing an estimated 62-percent drop in casualties and a 35-percent drop in incidents.

This story that terrorists attacks and killings are way down under Trump is not and has not been reported by media outlets because they are too busy campaigning for Biden, who former defense secretary Robert Gates said was wrong on every foreign policy decision for forty years. They are too busy calling Trump incompetent, stupid and disrespected to show the facts that the world has become safer under Trump’s policies and actions.

When Obama/Biden took office, they refused to honor the U.S. commitment to provide missile shields to the Czech Republic and Poland in order to appease Russia's Vladimir Putin. Trump helps eastern European countries protect themselves against Putin.

Obama/Biden pulled all troops out of Iraq which left them extremely vulnerable to terrorists like ISIS and reliant on terrorist-sponsoring Iran. Obama showed how unserious or stupid he was about terrorists when he called ISIS the J.V. team. Trump destroyed ISIS.

Obama and Hillary did not lift a finger to help save Americans under attack by terrorists in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012 because they were more interested in protecting their political power, focusing on an upcoming election than saving lives. Instead of telling the public the truth, they concocted a lie blaming a video. They even lied to the families of those who died. And we are constantly told how much empathy Obama and the Democrats have.

President Trump's administration, by contrast, just sent in the Special Forces to successfully conduct a dramatic rescue an American hostage in Nigeria. There have been about fifty such extrications of Americans in peril, held hostage by either terrorists or governments on Trump's watch.

When Ukraine was attacked by Russia, Obama/Biden refused to give Ukraine defensive weapons to protect themselves. They didn’t want to tick off Putin. Trump has given Ukraine many weapons to defend themselves against Putin. Biden was more worried about a prosecutor looking into a corrupt company paying his family millions instead of helping the people of Ukraine.

President Obama drew a fictional red line in Syria threatening Bashar al-Assad and then didn’t enforce it. Obama/Kerry idiotically assigned Putin the responsibility to monitor his chemical weapons. That is like having the fox guard the hen house. We don’t hear much about Syria today after Trump has been in office almost four years because Trump took out ISIS.

How stupid was it for Obama/Biden/Kerry and the Europeans to cater to the tyrants in Iran by giving them hundreds of billions? Iran was the biggest sponsor of terrorists around the world and pledges death to America and death to Israel. It was no surprise that these tyrants used the money to develop weapons and to continue the terrorist activities. Trump cut off the spigot to Iran and terrorism attacks are down. Biden wants to renew the agreement with the tyrants which will make the world a more dangerous place.

Obama dictatorially stopped a years long investigation into a billion dollar a year drug running operation by the terrorist organization Hezbollah as a bribe to Iran to sign the dangerous deal. How many thousands of people died of drug overdoses and terrorist acts because Obama cared more about his legacy than the lives of people?

When Trump killed the terrorist general Qasem Soleimani, the chief of the revolutionary guards in Iran, Biden and others said how dangerous that was. Fact: Trump clearly made the world and Americans safer by killing him.

Trump finally kept America’s promise to move its embassy in Israel and the career “experts” said how dangerous was. The experts were wrong, and Trump was right.

Career “experts” including Kerry have tried for decades to achieve peace between Israel and Arab countries without success. Under the idiot, incompetent, disrespected Trump, peace is breaking out in less than four years. Why would we want to go backwards to Biden and people like Kerry?

Obama/Biden didn’t care that NATO countries weren’t paying their required share to defend themselves. Trump has forced great progress on this which has to tick off Putin and China.

Trump has made the U.S. energy independent and an exporter in less than four years, undercutting the power of the world's petrotyrants, which use oil as a weapon. If we want to see the U.S. become vulnerable to attacks by China, Iran, and Russia vote for Biden/Harris and move backwards. The U.S. would be weaker and more dangerous.

If we had good journalists, they would ask Biden, Harris, Obama, AOC and others for scientific data that shows there is any relationship between oil use and temperatures, sea levels and storm activity. The problem is journalists don’t give a darn about facts, just giving power to leftists.

Open borders and sanctuary cities and states makes the U.S. less safe and vulnerable to being overwhelmed by dependent people or by people taking away jobs from the most vulnerable, especially the poor.

I would challenge journalists and other Democrats to name one foreign policy or achievement by Obama/Biden to make the world safer. I can’t think of any.I would also challenge them to name one domestic policy of the Democrats which is meant to give the people of all races the opportunity to move up the economic ladder instead of making the government more powerful and more people dependent on government. I can’t think of any.

Socialism makes powerful people more powerful and keeps poor people in poverty. Capitalism gives people of all races the opportunity to move up and out of poverty.

Economies and countries collapse because the government becomes too rich and powerful, not because the people have too much freedom and prosperity.

So if you want people of all races have more freedom and prosperity and the World to be safer and more peaceful vote for Trump and Pence. If you want the U.Ss to move backwards, poorer, less safe and having more people dependent on government vote for Biden and Harris. The choice is easy.

Image credit: Sayyed Shahab-o-Din Vajedi and  akkasemosalman.ir  via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 4.0

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