Biden's influence-peddling is consistent with what I wrote in my book, Capitol Hill's Criminal Underground

More than three years ago, MedLaw Publishing released my book, Capitol Hill's Criminal Underground, in which I, the book's author, describe a long-running "protection racket" being run by then–vice president Joe Biden, as well as Attorney General Eric Holder and New York senator Chuck Schumer.  

The three amigos effectively arranged to have all Wall Street criminal cases directed to the lefty-friendly Southern District of New York, and for the right "payments," the cases would be closed.  Money would then go into PACs controlled by Schumer and distributed to all those involved.  In return for those payments, there would be no investigations, no prosecutions, and no regulatory action.  As the author, I tracked over $110,000,000 in payments to politicians. 

The CIA tracked some of the money-laundering related to the theft by these Wall Street companies and was able to track back the payments to senior DOJ officials and senior politicians like Vice President Joe Biden.  

I, and a senior CIA officer, offered this evidence to both FBI director James Comey and DoJ inspector general Michael E. Horowitz.  They both declined to respond.  I filed criminal complaints with the FBI and was told by field agents that senior leadership at the DOJ would not allow anyone to work the criminal complaints.

I want to encourage all Americans to read my book, Capitol Hill's Criminal Underground, and decide for themselves.

Image credit: Amazon, author.

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