Assassinating Iran's chief nuclear weapon scientist Moshsen Fakrizadeh vs. assassinating Holocaust architect Reinhard Heydrich

Moshsen Fakrizadeh, Iran's chief nuclear weapon scientist, was assassinated when his car was ambushed.  It was a daring raid with significant global ramifications.  And right on cue, for some reason, the BBC decided to navel-gaze in print to minimize Professor Fakrizadeh's instrumental role in Iran's quest for a 21st-century final solution facing Israel.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh: What were the motives behind his killing?

By Massoumeh Torfeh

Unknown to most Iranians until Friday, when he was assassinated, the nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was well known to those who followed Iran's nuclear programme. Western security sources regarded him as instrumental in it.

Mark Fitzpatrick, an associate fellow with London's International Institute for Strategic Studies who follows Iran's nuclear programme closely, also tweeted: "Iran's nuclear program is long past the point when it is dependent on a single individual".

While Israel is secure knowing that the US will remain committed to its security under Mr Biden, it must be concerned that his nominee for Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is a staunch supporter of the Iran nuclear deal.

It is once again time that all serious world leaders understand the historical words of Israeli leaders that ring forth from the horrific carnage of the Nazi World War II final solution, the Holocaust.  If someone like Moshsen Fakrizadeh makes an effort to kill you, best believe him.

It can be instructive to look back at an early similar attack on someone planning the first final solution attempt, which was the successful attack in Prague on Nazi general Reinhard Heydrich.

In Operation Anthropoid, May 27, 1942, Heydrich was mortally wounded, even though his eventual death took a week.  He was Hitler's architect of the first attempted Final Solution.  One is struck in looking at the similarities of the attack damage to the cars of Fakrizadeh and Heydrich by incredibly brave individuals.

YouTube screen grab.

Both men were instrumental in planning for the mass death of Jews.  The successful attack on Obergruppenführer Heydrich was requested by the head of Czech Intelligence Services in England and assisted by the British Special Operation Executive in preparing and training Warrant Officer Jozef Gabčík (Slovak) and Staff Sergeant Karel Svoboda (Czech) for success.

After Heydrich's death, the bravest of the brave who conducted the attack were betrayed and perished.  Since it occurred on Czech soil, Hitler ordered the total destruction of the villages of Lidice and Ležáky.  Men over 16 were shot and women and children sent to gas chambers and concentration camps.

So when the BBC puts the Iranian nuke deal back in play if Biden is successful in becoming president (which I doubt), the Iranian quest for the annihilation of Israel is back in play.  It took much sacrifice to wipe the evil of Nazi Germany off the face of the Earth.  In fact, it took almost three years to the day of Heydrich's death to finally end the Holocaust.

Fortunately, the world is not at war right now, when Professor Moshsen Fakrizadeh met his fate.  But it looks as though a potential Biden administration would actually empower the evil quest for Iranian nuclear devices as that nation continues to proclaim loudly its intention to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.

Via the Associated Press:

Both Rouhani and Khamenei said Fakhrizadeh's death would not stop the nuclear program. Iran's civilian atomic program has continued its experiments and now enriches a growing uranium stockpile up to 4.5% purity in response to the collapse of Iran's nuclear deal after the U.S.′ 2018 withdrawal from the accord.

That's still far below weapons-grade levels of 90%, though experts warn Iran now has enough low-enriched uranium for at least two atomic bombs if it chose to pursue them.

The historical parallels between stopping Heydrich's evil skills during World War II and Fakrizadeh's assist to today's Iran's nuclear program are now at one of the most significant 21st-century global inflection points.  Killing Heydrich removed a diabolically clever key Hitler enabler, but WWII was already underway.

President Trump must have this awful and totally corrupt "Grand Theft Election" result overturned, or senior leaders on Biden's team, in grasping the reins of power, will potentially enable Iran's nuclear ambitions.  That is just too awful to contemplate.

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