America is unraveling

Did Joe Biden steal the election or has a large swath of the electorate become hopelessly brainwashed and dumbed down? As to whether Biden stole the election, one doesn’t have to be a lawyer to have cause for concern. Among other things, why would Democrats block Republicans from observing ballot counting unless they had something to hide? And why would the left be unwilling to agree that we must count every legal vote? And then there were the technical “glitches” that skewed results in favor of Biden, huge spikes in votes for Biden with none for Trump, suitcases of ballots delivered in the middle of the night, and sudden halts in ballot counting when it appeared Donald Trump was going to win, among countless other examples that suggest corruption in multiple battleground states. So, the President and his team of lawyers are going to court. What will come of this is anyone’s guess. My feeling right now is not hopeful, though I agree that he must...(Read Full Post)
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