America is unraveling

Did Joe Biden steal the election or has a large swath of the electorate become hopelessly brainwashed and dumbed down?

As to whether Biden stole the election, one doesn’t have to be a lawyer to have cause for concern.

Among other things, why would Democrats block Republicans from observing ballot counting unless they had something to hide? And why would the left be unwilling to agree that we must count every legal vote?

And then there were the technical “glitches” that skewed results in favor of Biden, huge spikes in votes for Biden with none for Trump, suitcases of ballots delivered in the middle of the night, and sudden halts in ballot counting when it appeared Donald Trump was going to win, among countless other examples that suggest corruption in multiple battleground states.

So, the President and his team of lawyers are going to court. What will come of this is anyone’s guess. My feeling right now is not hopeful, though I agree that he must see this through for the sake of the country.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, the propogandists announced that Joe Biden is the winner, as they increasingly marginalize the president and silence his voice.

And they, of course, have conveniently omitted that it was the Democrats who told Biden not to concede and it was the Democrats who amassed a huge team of lawyers and hundreds of millions of dollars to contest the election results, if (by any means) necessary.

But now that Trump is challenging the results, he is painted as someone seeking to disrupt free and fair elections.

If by some miracle, President Trump is able to prove massive voter fraud and have court rulings that reflect an honest vote count that makes him the winner, he will be framed as overturning the election results and the fallout perpetrated by the left will be unthinkable.

But unthinkable as such consequences may be, he must pursue the truth and we must stand by him. Because this is not just about President Trump, it’s about the presidency itself, it’s about America (or what remains of it), it’s about trustworthy elections, it’s about 71 million American voters (record-breaking for a sitting President) who cast their vote for him, and it’s about the rule of law.

And speaking of the rule of law, is there much of it left in America anymore?

Antifa and BLM rioted for months with impunity. Public figures (including the woman who may soon be President of the United States) raised money to bail criminals out of jail, law enforcement was told to stand down, the media lied, and the madness just kept rolling.

Now, here we are a few days after the election, and the public shrugs (at best) at the idea of election fraud.

At locations where votes were, and are, being counted, and in defiance of the law, corrupt Democrats have refused Republicans access. It’s been heartbreaking to see small bands of patriots having so little power, even with legal documents in hand, as they confronted corrupt Democrats who’ve denied them access. Where were the federal Marshalls and where was AG Barr?

So now Trump stands increasingly alone as he takes the fight to the courts. I anticipate that as the days pass, more and more Republicans will distance themselves from him. The process has already begun.

Meanwhile, the streets are filled with people celebrating a Biden victory with some saying the jubilation is more than when Osama bin Laden was killed.

(See what they did there?)

The celebrations also include a lot of hate toward Trump and those who support him.

All of this suddenly-covid-is-gone-and-we-can-pour-into-the-streets-screaming-and-singing-and-sharing-glasses-of-champagne-because-as-leftists-we-are-not-super-spreaders joy is for the shell of a corrupt demented man who they claim beat a President who ushered in four years of peace (don’t they like peace?), brought our troops home (don’t they like the end of endless wars?), created an environment for the economy to grow to record levels (don’t they like a booming economy and low unemployment?), championed the black community (don’t they like a thriving black community?), negotiated brilliant deals that finally put America first (don’t they want our country to be strong?), made us energy independent (don’t like energy independence?), listened to and cared about the forgotten men and women of America the left claims they care about (don’t they want the middle class to thrive?), and put God and country first.

I could go on.

But the main points about the paragraph above are that far too many Americans are uninformed, brainwashed, and/or want to transform our exceptional country into something else. Something bleak. Something tyrannical.

Which brings me to the second question I posed at the outset: Have we passed the tipping point where there are not enough informed patriots (and that includes elected officials) to salvage what’s left of the country?

In my view, the answer to that question is: we have probably passed the tipping point. And I see no end in sight.

I hope and pray that I’m wrong.

But we’ve had a cultural revolution in America and as long as the left has a lock on our educational institutions and the media, there will be more and more lemmings and fewer and fewer informed citizens. As such, the Republic cannot stand. And this transformation (that Obama accelerated) will now kick into high gear by the crazed, power-hungry left who aim to take this nation down and every single one of us along with it.

What is unfolding before our eyes is terrifying beyond words.

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