America as a Wonderful Life...if we can keep it

I love this country.  I love the people, the freedom, and the blessings we enjoy and often take for granted.  The election of 2020 has polarized our country into two divisions — those who love this country and those who hate Donald Trump and all of his Bible-reading, gun-toting, God-loving deplorables at his side. 

America 2020 reminds me of the town Bedford Falls in the movie It's a Wonderful Life.  On one side you have George Bailey who loves his town, his life, his family and the freedom to praise almighty God daily for all of his blessings. On the other side, you have soulless Mr. Potter, who is a curmudgeon obsessed with obtaining power, more power, money, and absolute control over absolutely everyone unfortunate enough to live within his evil realm.

Donald Trump is our George Bailey.  He loves the United States of America.  He became president not to enrich himself, but instead to enrich the lives of the people who live in this magnificent free country.  Donald Trump loves people, and he loves to help people — often anonymously.  He prays to God for help and guidance.  We fervently pray to God to help Donald Trump on a daily basis because we understand that he is fighting evil spirits who lurk in dark places and threaten to destroy the country that we so love.  Donald Trump loves his family, loves God, and stands now between us and evil Mr. Potter and his machinations.

Mr. Potter in America is the far left wing of the Democratic Party.  This is not the Democratic Party we remember from our youth in the fifties and sixties.  That Democratic Party might have disagreed with Republicans but, in the event of a China virus that threatened the lives of Americans, would have reached across the aisle, joined hands, and collectively attacked this terrible pandemic.  A unified House of Representative and Senate could have pressured China to divulge the origins of COVID-19, including the doctor who engineered the virus, and collaboratively found a vaccine before millions of people across the globe perished and our economy tanked. They might have even suspended the election of 2020 until this crisis had passed.

Mr. Potter's Democratic Party had no intention of doing something so admirable.  Instead, Mr. Potter's Democratic Party impeached the president, spied on him, slandered his family, and then beat him senseless with an ugly COVID club during the election.  Mr. Potter's angry minions rioted, burned cities, defunded the police, and threatened anyone who just wanted to live happily and free in Bedford Falls.  Mr. Potter's Democratic Party wouldn't allow that to happen.  They want to turn Bedford Falls into a new fiefdom called Pottersville.   Guns, God, and freedom would not be allowed.  Freedom of speech would not be tolerated.  Pottersvillians plan to pack the Supreme Court, add states, open the borders, and continue cheating to ensure that no Republican ever holds office again.  They are as giddy as Mr. Potter, who, at the end of the movie, thinks George Bailey has been defeated.

Mr. Potter was as evil as he was wrong.  George Bailey triumphed, and so will God and President Donald Trump for all of us who like Bedford Falls just the way it is. 

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