AG Barr, MIA

Someone please correct me.  I thought the attorney general of the United States swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.  It seems to me, small-minded though I am, that rampant voter fraud, substantial enough to overturn the apparent result of the November 3 election, is unconstitutional.  And that foreign actors such as China, Iran, Venezuela, and others who are alleged to have been involved in this voter fraud makes that offense even worse.

So where is he?  Nowhere to be seen, apparently pulling a Jeff Sessions and hiding under his desk.  Have Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell usurped the A.G.'s job?  

Perhaps A.G. William Barr was sidelined by the Deep State.  Recall the letter sent to Barr by sixteen federal prosecutors on November 13 asserting that they had seen no evidence to substantiate claims that voting tallies had been marred by widespread fraud or other ballot issues.  But then, after the incredible meeting Rudy Giuliani held with the leaders of the Pennsylvania GOP yesterday, those sixteen might think about changing their tune.  The evidence of voter fraud presented at that meeting was wide-ranging, highly detailed, and entirely credible.  It was perhaps one of the most important meetings in United States history.

But Barr and the Justice Department appear to have taken no notice and no action on voter fraud.  And, for that matter, the Durham report is still outstanding.  It appears that William Barr and the Justice Department are MIA.

Image: U.S. Marshals Service, Office of Public Affairs.

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