A woman says American flags are 'disgusting' and a 'public display of force'

For four years, the media have told every lie in the book to convince Americans that Trump is a Russia-loving, racist totalitarian.  We know that the Russia collusion claim is a proven hoax; the racism accusations are proven lies; and Trump has shrunk, not grown, government power.  Still, credulous people believe the media's propaganda.  You can see how this propaganda affects people in a video showing a hysterical, frightened woman begging the police to disperse Trump-supporters with American flags because they're a dangerous "public display of force."

The video's sound quality isn't very good.  However, you can easily hear enough to understand what's going on.  To keep this post a reasonable length, I'll focus on the highlights.

The police officer apparently tells the woman that if she's uncomfortable, she can leave the park, and the woman pushes back.  "I don't want to leave the park.  My children were playing."

Eventually, after screaming at an older man, the woman screeches at the police, "Can you not see it, this public display of force?"  Gesturing at the American flags and Trump banners, she says, "This is disgusting."

The police deny she's in danger, but she pushes back.  "I was here peacefully exercising with my children.  They created the scene.  This [the flags] is an intimidating show of force."

Eventually, dissatisfied with the police, the woman snaps at them, "You guys are part of it.  You're complicit."  She then makes her demand: "I want an escort out of here."  The police refuse.

The video ends when the woman shrieks at the police, "How come you're only talking to me?!"

The beleaguered police officer has a simple answer.  "Because you're the only one yelling."

It's easy enough to call this woman a Karen, but that's not quite right.  Karens are policing the world for Wuhan virus violations or for other failures to abide by the Karens' important socio-political rules.  This woman, for all that she's ridiculous, is also tragic.  She is terrified of a group of older, peaceful people holding American and Trump flags.  She is sure that something terrible will happen to her and her children if she remains in their presence.  The woman's reaction is definitely abnormal.  She might just be a neurotic, overwrought, paranoid person.  Alternatively, the study drumbeat of stories from the media for four years maligning Trump and, by implication, Trump's supporters may have convinced her that American conservatives are violent thugs and that the American flag they so proudly carry has morphed into the equivalent of the Nazi flag.  After all, that's the kind of thing you see in the left's fever swamps:

As another example of the way in which the media and Democrats have taught Biden-supporters to think in eliminationist terms about Trump and his supporters, look at some of the comments to the Twitter thread from Eric Cervini about the horrors of a Trump caravan in Texas:

Even Biden is using eliminationist language, saying Trump is no longer human but is, instead, a virus that must be destroyed:

In the past, America has woven herself together after huge schisms: the Loyalists vs. the Patriots during the Revolution, the North vs. the South during the Civil War, the blacks vs. the whites after the Civil Rights movement (at least until the cultural Marxists again tore us asunder), and the leftists vs. the establishment during the 1960s.

Theoretically, because we've put ourselves together before, after Trump's re-election (fingers crossed), we can do it again.  The media and the tech tyrants, though, will need to be brought to heel to make it happen this time.

Image: Screaming woman in the park.  Twitter screen grab.

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