A veteran's plea: 'Don't tread on our freedom!'

As I write with heavy heart, it is Veterans' Day 2020.

I am flying my U.S. flag upside-down.  This is a signal of distress and extreme danger.  

It should now be a symbol of resistance.  Resistance against a dangerous movement of Marxism in America that threatens our precious freedom.

President Trump had our military and veterans' backs, and I am compelled to have his back.  He dramatically improved health care for veterans.  He stopped unnecessary "blood in the sand,"  started no new wars, and took out the ISIS terrorists. 

While waving Trump banners and American flags on street corners, I wore my old military fatigue jacket to let people know I am a veteran.  I should have had a helmet on as many yelled at me with F-bombs.  After voting at my local poll location in this election, I discovered that my pickup truck with veteran plates on it and adorned with American Flags and signs saying "Veterans for Trump"  had spittle on the driver's side window.  Earlier in the year, leftist thugs threatened to burn down the church I attend in Manchester, N.H. 

This is who the new Marxists in America are!  They spit on our police.  They spit on our Bill of Rights and Constitution.  They spit on our Bible.  They spit on conservatives.  They burn our flag.  They spit on our National Anthem.  They burn our churches.

Is this the America my late father, a decorated World War II combat veteran, risked his life for again and again to protect our freedom? 

More and more evidence is being revealed of widespread voter fraud in the election.  Let us not forget that Joseph Stalin said: "Casting a vote means nothing.  Counting a vote means everything."  

Joe Biden was appointed president-elect on Nov. 7 by the media.

Ironically, Nov. 7th was a national holiday in the Soviet Union, October Revolution Day, celebrated as the beginning of the Socialist Revolution.  Just like the Marxist left in America today, the Bolsheviks in Russia tore down statues, dismantled the police, and made lists of those who opposed them. 

Now the new Reds in America are compiling lists of people who worked for the Trump administration or supported him in the election to target them from getting employment.

Employees in America are protected from discrimination against "race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, and sex (including pregnancy)."

There is no provision to protect against discrimination based on political affiliation.  This law must be amended immediately!  Can President Trump direct this by executive order?

Don't tread on our freedom!

John Meinhold is a U.S. Air Force veteran.

Image: JCD Creative, Pixabay.

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