A request from an average 24-year military veteran to all Americans on Veterans' Day

I am an average veteran who served to protect our nation, supporting and defending the Constitution, for 24 years.  Americans have endured a challenging national election.  There are now credible indications of voter fraud that may have affected the outcome of our election based on statistically significant data and eyewitness accounts.  Should this turn out to be true, it would be devastating to a process that is looked upon by the entire world as a model to imitate, and it would directly threaten our ability to continue living free under the Constitution. 

With these serious and credible accusations made, it would make sense that all involved parties would be eager to prove to the American public through a thorough investigation that voter fraud did not impact the outcome of the election, and that we can continue being confident in the process and results.  However, this is not the case, as one side, which (unfortunately) includes our major press outlets, wants to bury the issue as quickly as possible.  This is similar to someone rushing to bury or cremate a dead body before a chance for autopsy.  Who does that?

We have lived through a few elections now in which one side did not accept the outcome.  Wouldn't it be best for all parties to settle the issue definitively to prevent those who voted for President Trump from thinking that they were cheated out of an election and undermine the election process?  Let's put the issue to rest once and for all.

The Washington Post slogan that "Democracy dies in darkness" rings true.  Unfortunately, while the press enjoys great protections under the 1st Amendment, those in the media have all but eschewed their awesome and solemn responsibility through obvious and heavy-handed bias.  This is disappointing to someone like me, who spent an entire adult lifetime defending these rights.

On this Veterans' Day, I ask that we all spend some time thinking about the Constitution and what it stands for, rededicate ourselves to exercising and protecting our constitutional rights, and ensure that the sacrifices of our veterans have not been in vain.

Image: Jeff Turner via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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