Help is on the way for understanding Sidney Powell's Georgia complaint

One of the biggest problems with 2020's election fraud is creating an accessible narrative that doesn't sound like just a mess of disparate statements and studies. Enter Doug Ross, who's put together an attractive infographic that he describes as "so easy to consume, even Democrats can understand." Moreover, he's freely sharing it, so I'm taking advantage of that in this post. On Wednesday night, Sidney Powell filed a 104-page complaint in Georgia, that pulls together all the allegations we've heard about regarding election fraud.  The general outlines of the massive election fraud is much the same in all the contested states (Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, etc.).  What gives Georgia special urgency is the upcoming runoffs for Georgia's two Senate seats, which could hand the entire federal government to the Democrats. At the same time that Powell filed the complaint in Georgia, she filed a companion...(Read Full Post)
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