Giuliani says Trump's campaign is loaded for bear

Rudy Giuliani appeared on Maria Bartiromo's Sunday morning show to update people about the status of Trump's fight against election fraud.  Giuliani reported that, starting Monday and continuing through the week, the president is ready to file multiple lawsuits in contested states.  All of them are based on witness testimony about massive, highly illegal voting irregularities.

According to Giuliani, the president has already assembled significant amounts of evidence that the Democrats were engaging in voter fraud affecting hundreds of thousands of votes in swing states, especially Pennsylvania.  He explained that in Philadelphia, Trump's legal teams have sixty or seventy witnesses who are ready to testify to fraud.

For twenty-four hours, Democrats prevented Republican election-observers from entering the room in which poll workers were counting over 135,000 late-arriving ballots.  Poll workers did this even though the law states that representatives from interested parties have an absolute right to observe the counting.  He believed that this secretiveness was because the Democrats were engaged in chicanery to overcome Trump's 700,000-vote advantage.

In Pittsburgh, Giuliani said, while Democrats counted 300,000 ballots, they forced Republicans to stand so far away that they were unable to see anything.  When the Trump team obtained a court order mandating that the barriers holding back the Republican observers must be moved forward, the ballot counters-complied — and then moved their work tables farther away, again rendering themselves invisible to oversight.  Giuliani says this conduct violates voters' civil rights, constitutes an unfair election, violates Pennsylvania law regarding elections, and impermissibly subjects voters in different parts of the state to different rules.

In addition, in Pennsylvania, the ballot-counters separated 450,000 mail-in ballots from their envelopes, making it impossible to tell whether they were valid.  One person could easily have filled out multiple ballots.  Again, both sides should have been observing, but Republicans were barred.  Additionally, a lot of dead people appear to have voted in this election.

Giuliani also referenced late-mailed ballots that postal workers then backdated.  Currently, he believes that this affected 2,000–3,000 votes in Pennsylvania and Michigan, although it could be a bigger issue.

Giuliani began ticking off on his fingers the states in which illegal conduct occurred: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona.  In each area, there was systematic voter fraud.  The Trump team is assembling affidavits as quickly as possible and plans to file suits throughout the week.  All of these will offer the same allegations: Democrat ballot-counters who barred Republican observers, backdated ballots, and dead people who voted or living people whose votes weren't counted.

Maria Bartiromo pressed Giuliani to say whether the Trump team was caught flatfooted insofar as it could not stop this wrongdoing.  Giuliani took some umbrage at that, pointing out that the Trump team had eight thousand election observers at the ready and is filing lawsuits as fast as it is able to get the appropriate witness affidavits completed.  

Giuliani also assured Bartiromo's viewers that President Trump would not be conceding any time soon.

Image: Rudy Giuliani on Maria Bartiromo’s show.  YouTube screen grab.