Will Democrats' 'art of the steal' carry the day for Biden?

Before the China virus, Democrats were hitting a wall with the upcoming 2020 election.  President Trump looked invincible with his booming economy and "promises made, promises kept" routine.  And they're stuck with their only "moderate" candidate, Joe Biden. 

How will anyone vote for Joe Biden, and how will half the electorate choose Joe?  He's not an attractive, articulate candidate; he's a doddering old man who sadly mumbles through his faux rallies.  But then Biden was a gaffe machine even before he drifted into senility.  He has no big wins in his record and no vision for a Biden administration.  And it's hardly a change election where the president didn't keep his promises so people are demanding a replacement.  So how can this man bring voters to the polls?  

There is a significant number of Democrat voters, many of whom have been listening to the outright seditious tripe of mainstream media for four years.  I've talked to a couple in this sector, and yes, they hate President Trump, believe he's a liar, Hitler, even.  And there's no trying to get the truth out to these brainwashed people because they're in a cult-like state — no outsiders, no dissidents allowed in. 

Add in teachers and government workers, two other Kool-Aid-drinking groups, and you're probably getting a pretty good-sized base together.  But surely not enough to give the country away, not enough to vote for communism.  

Maybe not, but there could be enough to get close, and for Democrats, close is often good enough for a win because voter fraud is their wheelhouse.  If the race is close, Democrats can and do hold back totals to get what they need.  Media have for years reported this vote-count holding pattern as normal even when it's only Democrat strongholds holding back.  When these cities finally come through, they dump a stockpile of votes, and — magic circus — the race flips. 

But the big-city gambit didn't work in 2016.  No, they're going to need more to take back the White House in November. 

Enter the virus.  Oh, the plague wasn't enough by itself, but it did provide Democrats (media) a chance to inflict further damage on the president, to blame him for all COVID-related illnesses and deaths.

Meanwhile, governors are giddy to find they wield as much power in their state as Xi Jinping in China.  They become fearsome masters — close all the schools, shut down all businesses, close all churches, and force every single citizen to wear a mask (the Wuhan uniform) whether it's needed or not.

Governors inflict this pain and suffering to purposefully destroy their states.  They believe  that the inescapable high unemployment numbers and a stalled economy will be enough to derail Trump's re-election. 

Still, they're not in position to take chances.  If President Trump survives, many of these powerful Democrats are going to be exposed, possibly charged with crimes for that little coup thing they did.   So in a convoluted twist of our electoral process, governors and judges use the states to do what they've failed to achieve on a national level: control the election. 

Millions of supplemental ballots (votes "added" to furnish what is lacking) are sent to everyone on voter rolls, dead or alive, to wrong addresses, illusory voters.  Democrat governors, judges, and local officials collude to extend ballot deadlines for days, weeks.  They eliminate signature-matching and other state requirements for ballot verification. 

Governors close polling places to limit in-person voting.  Kentucky closes 95%; Georgia may close all but two.  Maryland slashes polling locations by 85%.

But it won't work, because the American people will never tolerate a fraudulent election, right?  Wrong.  Even state legislatures who have the constitutional power to overturn the courts don't want to defy their supreme leaders.  Mark Levin explained to the Pennsylvania legislature that its members have a constitutional duty to overrule the courts but those politicians took a hard pass.

America may vote for President Trump in the coming election and may do so in overwhelming numbers, but as Joseph Stalin pontificated, it's not the people who vote that count; it's the people who count the votes.  But it's also the people who report the votes.  Soros secretaries of state may not give actual numbers.

If the outcome of this November's election comes down to fights over counting mail-in ballots and claims of fraud by President Donald Trump, Democrat Joe Biden may have a quiet advantage: The top election officials in many of the key states that could decide the election are Democrats.

Democrats are understandably confident that their secretaries of state will do whatever is necessary to assure a Democrat will win in a close contest.

And  networks may stall, as they did in 2016, to give Democrats time to "find" votes or may even misreport, like their 2000 call for Gore in Florida (oops).

The plan is to give Biden a lead with mail-in ballots and then pounce, call the election, say the president can't overcome Biden's leads with the votes that remain.  Any attempt to challenge the call will be blamed on extreme right-wing Trump voters not accepting the election results.  And Democrats are giddy over the possibility of sending in the military to drag President Trump out of the White House if he "won't accept the results of the election." 

If we don't want governors ruling our lives, seizing our property, and controlling our elections, then the time to fight is now.  Open your business, gather and celebrate your freedom, and vote!

But also gather where the votes are counted.  Monitor Democrat officials to keep them from operating in the shadows.  Be poll-watchers — see something, say something.  If we allow these insurgents to openly steal our elections, then it will be the end of our Republic.  And there will be no coming back.

But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever. When the People once surrender their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it. —John Adams

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