Why the Democrats don't and can't 'get' President Trump

The horrid, hateful reaction on the left to President Trump's hospitalization reminded me of the day then-president Reagan was shot and the depth to which the left has descended ever since. 

On March 30, 1981, I flew from a family visit in Bogotá, Colombia to Philadelphia via a plane change in Miami.  As I walked through the Miami terminal, I saw clumps of people crowding around TV stations.

When I heard the news of the assassination attempt on President Reagan; his rush to the hospital; and the humor and dignity he displayed upon being wheeled into the operating room, as he neared death, I started crying. 

To my amazement, a woman came over and asked if I was related to the president.  Was only someone with a familial relationship to the president allowed to be moved sufficiently to cry?   

In comparison to the hate speech that has erupted in response to President Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis, the query regarding familial-connected grief now seems benignly quaint.  There was the left's constant mocking of Reagan, and then–secretary of state Alexander Haig announcing incorrectly that he was in charge, but no drumbeat of death wishes or jubilation over his near-death incident occurred.  Or if they occurred, they were muted and covert. 

But that was then.  The left's Trump animus is so sick that Twitter has warned that tweeters wishing the president's death will be sanctioned.  That will be the day.  And dear sweet sleazy Ol' Uncle Joe Biden has adamantly vowed to pull all negative ads during President Trump's hospitalization, but they are running apace.  Michelle Obama's ludicrous "going high" just went down and dirtier than ever.

Biden doesn't have a creative, independent, or intelligent thought in his muddled  brain.  Up through March 18, when Philadelphian and suburban courts were already shut down, as the controlling Democrat governor incorrectly dictated that judges and attorneys were non-essential workers, throwing them and their clients' constitutional rights under the bus, Biden ridiculed the Trump Chinese and European air closures as racist.  He scoffed at mask usage and accused Trump of dramatizing the China virus.  His campaign platform is replete with actions President Trump has already effectuated.

Meanwhile, the death watch cacophony from the hateful, rabid left has been unrelentingly cruel, as catalogued by Monica Showalter in her American Thinker blog post of Oct. 5, 2020.  The press is out of control and is seriously bad for one's health: the people therein exude negativity.  Everything Trump utters and does is seen by the press through a prism of scorn and discontent. 

What they don't get is simple.  They don't understand bravery, they don't understand following through on campaign promises, they don't understand capitalism, they don't understand risk, and they don't understand leadership. 

They have forgotten Winston Churchil's March 1940 victory speech, exhorting Britons to be victorious, as they endured Hitler's destructive air offensive, and oft times fled to underground bunkers to really escape death.  Churchill didn't cower.  He stayed in London, and he led.

They have forgotten that their revered patrician president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, left Great Britain to fend for itself until America was attacked at Pearl Harbor in December 1941. 

They have forgotten New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who gave our entire country hope after 9/11.  Rudy didn't cower in a bunker.  As soon as humanly possible, he went to the ruins of the World Trade Center and, not knowing if other attacks were imminent, told New Yorkers and the rest of America to keep calm and go on with their lives.  He stayed in New York City and led. 

The press is now agog because Trump loves America and Americans love him back.  They are frenzied because Trump has a true relationship with the public that can't be bought.  They don't understand gratitude.  They didn't understand why Trump sent out candy to his followers, standing outside the Walter Reed hospital praying for his recovery and saluting his leadership.  They hate Trump and have mocked his glorious return to the White House, preceded the night before by Trump's thank you wave to the crowd, some staying in sleeping bags over three days, to thank their leader and to show Trump that they "have Trump's back as he has had theirs."

That crowd was truly diverse. 

If anything, President Trump's indefatigable schedule probably lowered his resistance. 

As Rudy Giuliani said, "leaders have to lead."  President Trump also explained that he knew there was some risk being out and seen, but that's part of his job: trying to keep the country calm and reclaiming his hard won rising economy. 

Haters are going to hate; doers are going to do.  President Trump does. 

Image credit: Screen shot from The Hill video via shareable YouTube.

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