Why Democrats must be kept out of power for at least a generation

California governor Gavin Newsom's recent ridiculous Thanksgiving edicts call for gatherings to be restricted to only three households and held outside.  Masks are to be worn before and after eating and between bites.  No singing or chanting is allowed and the meal is to last no longer than two hours.  These are just a few of the restrictions dreamed up to slow the spread of the Wuhan virus.  What these arbitrary proclamations illustrate is the mind of a power-hungry dictator.

Under the pretense of keeping people safe, governors like Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, J.B.  Pritzker, Jay Inslee, Kate Brown, Gretchen Whitmer, and Tom Wolf have curtailed the freedoms of Americans — and not just Americans, but the voters who elected these hack politicians in good faith to serve the people.  Democrat governors and mayors have taken the Wuhan virus, along with the rioting and looting, and leveraged it into power that they will not easily relinquish if their behavior up to now is any indication.

They are long past fooling people with their faux compassion.  You can pull the wool over Americans' eyes for only so long before they become wise to you.  Americans can tell when an elected official has their best interest at heart (which is why President Trump has a huge bond with his base) and when he doesn't.  The people who live in the states affected by these wannabe dictators have had enough and are starting to rebel.

Some restaurant-owners are refusing to comply with Illinois Governor Pritzker's latest decrees to shut down eateries due to recent spikes in COVID positive numbers.  Gym-owners are suing New York Governor Cuomo to reopen.  California spectacularly shared its respect for King Gavin by lighting up fireworks in his honor, despite his royal decree to shut down the Fourth of July.  Based on early reactions, I suspect that Newsom's Thanksgiving proclamation will be met with the same level of scorn.

We get what these governors are doing.  They are holding their constituents hostage in a sense, making their lives miserable so they will vote for Joe Biden just to make the pain go away.  Basically, it's extortion.  "Want these lockdowns and riots to stop?  You'd better not vote for bad orange man if you know what's good for you."

The problem is that if you want safety, the situation will get much, much worse if you vote for Biden.  The lockdowns will continue, and the economy will be devastated.  If Sleepy Joe is elected and these governors are not taken to task for their overreach, their power-grabs will only increase while our freedoms will tank rapidly.

Don't think a Biden win will placate these vindictive politicians who pass for Democrat governors and mayors.  There will be no return to normalcy if voters change presidents.  Attempts to placate the leftist mobs by voting for Biden are like paying terrorists not to terrorize and expecting that they will abide by your plea.  Sure, they'll take the money...and then laugh at your stupidity as they commit more heinous acts.

If you want to get back at these authoritarians, you have to vote Trump next Tuesday, especially if you live in a blue state.  Conventional wisdom says Trump will lose states like California and New York.  I say screw conventional wisdom.  Push back and keep pushing back.  Send a message that you can still resist with your vote.  Do not let these bullies break your spirit, and by all means do not fall for this latest Wuhan virus panic  that is reporting increased positive results (due to more testing) while ignoring that hospitalizations are going down.

Vote in person.  Be part of any recall efforts, and make sure you are the ones leading the charge to throw these bums out of office when they come up for re-election.

Democrats need to be kept out of power — from president to dog catcher — for at least a generation.  That's right: a generation.  Be vigilant from now on.  Study the issues and the candidates.  Become the go-to source for your friends on both sides of the political spectrum, and above all, vote for honest conservatives.  If you can't get behind a candidate, consider running for office yourself.  Do not waste your vote on a moderate Democrat because there is no such thing.  Once in office, these so-called moderates never stray from the leftist reservation.   

Democrats have forgotten they serve at the behest of the people.  They have become convinced that their job is not to serve, but to rule.  There is a difference.  Consent of the governed does not mean a consent of oppression.

Democrats must be soundly defeated in every upcoming election for the next 20–30 years.  Let's begin that process next Tuesday by voting straight Republican and re-electing President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.  MAGA!

Dex Bahr is the author of the book No Christian Man is an Island.  He is a freelance writer.

Image credit: ABC News, via shareable YouTube.

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