Whose privilege? Another phony minority prof rolls out of the woodwork

In what's far from the first case, another white female academic has been caught claiming to be a racial minority.

According to Inside Higher Ed:

Another week, another unmasking of a white professor allegedly posing as a person of color: this time it’s Kelly Kean Sharp, a scholar of African American history who resigned abruptly Tuesday from her assistant professorship at Furman University.

Like other apparent racial fraudsters before her, Sharp was outed by an anonymous post on Medium. The writer of the post identifies him or herself as having “distantly” known Sharp when she was graduate student at the University of California, Davis. Sharp had never publicly identified as Latinx back then, the writer said, so they were recently puzzled to learn that Sharp had since started referring to herself as Chicana, including on her now-private Twitter profile. According to screenshots included in the post, Sharp has tweeted about her abuela, or grandmother, from Mexico, and posted elsewhere about her “abuela who came to the U.S. during WWII who worked hard so I could become a teacher.”

Ugh. Another phony, following in Ward Churchill's and Elizabeth Warren's footsteps.

And Rachel Dolezal's .... and this bunch described here:

This year alone has seen the unmasking of a handful of white academics who have posed as nonwhite: BethAnn McLaughlinJessica Krug, C. V. Vitolo-Haddad and Craig Chapman.

It's amazing that this phenomenon, nearly all of it the doing of white women in academia, has taken off to the extent it has the past few years. 

Yet no one wants to talk about it. Name the 60 Minutes report that does. It's going on, yet the polite left pretends each case is some strange anomaly, some mental illness, some flaw of the pretender.

The issue is the structural conditions that throw out such incentives. Seems that with the soft sciences that lefties specialize in have very little academic muscle, there's no objective way to determine who has enough merit for promotions, so they promote by race. Explains why so many lefty white women are forging fake new identities as minorities, claiming oppression (being an oppressed victim is what in the eyes of the left makes you a hero), and reaping the tenure-track professorial slots.

So much for white-skin privilege, as the leftist narrative goes. Name one black or brown woman who's lately been caught trying to pass herself off as white. There certainly were examples of it in the 1950s and earlier, back when racial disparities and systemic racism was real. But nowadays, the racial fakers all go the other way.

And Chicana's an easy one for white women to do. Given the racial diversity of Latin America, pretty much anyone can claim to be a 'Chicana.' An ambitious but undistinguished female academic certainly can be as white and blonde as Elizabeth Warren to claim minority status in a bid to get promoted, no proof of high cheekbones needed. Because Latin America in fact is loaded with blondes, having similar immigration patterns as the U.S. Want to play the race privilege game? Sharp knew that 'Latina' was the ticket.

Which points to where the race privilege is in the U.S. No, it's not in whiteyville. Today's race-fakers are lining up to reap those affirmative action slots, taking them away from real minorities to boot, and transmitting the message that white privilege isn't quite what the left says it is. You can bet that there will be more.

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