Where is compassion for the millions who have suffered harm from lockdowns?

I'm sure many Americans are growing tired of being labeled "insensitive" or "uncaring" or lacking compassion because we are perceived as not caring about "at-risk" people who might contract the coronavirus.  Let's talk about "compassion for our fellow man." Where's the compassion for the single mom who is increasingly struggling to purchase diapers or baby formula for her children?  Where's the compassion for the victims of child abuse, which is no doubt spiking due to the economic slowdown? Where's the compassion for those who have committed suicide or attempted suicide or will do either in coming months and years? Where's the compassion for the tens of thousands of business-owners who have permanently closed their businesses, or for the tens of millions of unemployed former employees?  Where's the compassion for those who have been forced to declare bankruptcy, or are...(Read Full Post)
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