When it came to the dueling town halls, every eye was on this person

There are a lot of substantive comments to make about the two town halls.  Trump held up well even though Savannah Guthrie was attacking him like a maddened chihuahua.  Biden also held up well thanks to George Stephanopoulos's gentle handling and an increasing number of very long commercial breaks.  (And was Biden fed the questions in advance?  He seemed unusually prepared.)  But the real star had to be the woman in the red mask sitting behind Trump.  She nodded supportively every time he answered and shook her head every time the maddened chihuahua interrupted and interrogated him.

What made Ms. Red Mask's support even more striking is the fact that she's black.  We're routinely assured that, even though Joe Biden has the most racist history of any candidate in history (racist comments, segregationist friends, the community-destroying crime bill, etc.), it's Trump whom blacks should fear.

The problem for Democrats is that an increasing number of American blacks no longer fear Trump.  Even Ice Cube, one of the black community's most famous rappers, said in so many words (the following is not a quote) that the Democrats to whom he reached out essentially patted him on the head and told him to be sure to vote for them.  The Trump Republicans, on the other hand, engaged with him to seek solutions to help the system work for blacks.

Gary Lamb, who is black and struggled hard his entire life, explains that he is finally saving money for his future, thanks to President Trump.  And there's a man who's on the street, registering people to vote.  Before they register, he gives them one of the best talks you'll hear about why blacks should get off the Democrat plantation and vote for a man who is doing real work to ensure that blacks can partake of the American dream.

The three people I mentioned above are results-oriented.  They look past the blizzard of Democrat propaganda against Trump.  Perhaps they also have a residual memory of the man who was respected in the black community until he ran against Hillary.

And here are the Twitter takes on the woman who sat behind Trump as Savannah the Attack Chihuahua snarled around his ankles.  Naturally, the comments had a partisan cast, with Trump-supporters charmed and Democrats certain that she was a plant.

I'm sure that in 24 hours or so, we'll have details about Ms. Red Mask.  I hope she's the real thing.  It seems to me that her enthusiasm is hard to feign.  Instead, it comes from someone who probably had to think long and hard about her values and then commit quite strongly to Trump support.  After all, as the negative comments show, it's a big statement for a black person to support Trump openly, because Democrats assume that blacks who support Trump are actors, puppets, or fools.

Image: Ms. Red Mask.  Twitter screen grab.

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