What's left for us to do until Election Day?

We've done everything we can.  What do we do next?  

We love our country and care deeply about its citizens.  The freedoms vouchsafed to us as individuals; the goals of life, liberty; and the pursuit of happiness, and our dedication to the truth make us unique in history and a shining example set on a hill.  Each of us is part of what makes America exceptional.  We are proud of her strength and her generosity.  

And so we are a people of service, whether military protecting our way of life, public ensuring that the government keeps its promises to its citizens, or as part of our everyday lives.  The coronavirus has interrupted many of our opportunities to serve — volunteering in our children's classrooms, participating in fundraisers, helping out in community clean-up days — but those opportunities will return.  We still give to worthy causes, donate food to the food bank, adopt abandoned pets.

Four years ago, we took a chance and voted for the non-politician.  In the face of a certain victory for her, we experienced a massive sea change — he won!  That changed everything.  This year, voter registrations are up, we've voted or will by November 3, we've donated resources and time, and we've talked to the people around us about the importance of this year's election.  Those of us who feel safe enough, or are brave enough, raise flags and plant signs, put bumper stickers on our cars and trucks, and wear MAGA hats or shirts.  We've also prepared ourselves, our families, and our friends and neighbors as best we can to deal with any unsettled aftermath of the election.  What do we do next?  How can we continue to help?  There's not much time left before the election is concluded.  

We can pray.  Peter Barry Chowka explained it nicely.  An author friend shared with several of us that in response to a Facebook posting, she was now praying daily for the country.  At 8:00 P.M. Mountain Time, she told us, and we've joined her.  Will you join us for just a moment, just a minute of prayer for America?  For the grace and brotherhood we sing of on the 4th of July?  That's 7:00 Pacific, 10:00 Eastern.  You are cordially invited.  Please come as you are.  

The author is a retired public servant who loves her country and countrymen.  

Image: Tom Arthur via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0.