What the MSM TV coverage doesn’t show you at a Biden Potemkin rally

Mainstream media coverage of Joe Biden’s campaign rallies depicts a false façade, giving an impression of a normal political event.  But the reality is as phony as the façades of prosperous villages that Catherine The Great’s political advisor (and lover) Grigori Potemkin erected for her to view from her imperial barge, masking the misery of her subjects.  Potemkin today is remembered chiefly for the expression “Potemkin village,” defined as “an impressive facade or show designed to hide an undesirable fact or condition.” (Check the link quickly before Merriam-Webster changes the definition to conform with the political interests of the Democrats.) A hilarious Twitter video has survived the “fact checkers” at the social media giant (for now), panning from away the podium to show the handful of people -- apparenlty, mostly media -- standing around and sorta watching Biden’s bizarrely impassioned speech to...(Read Full Post)
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