What Rush Limbaugh's life says about eternity

Rush Limbaugh is battling Stage 4 cancer.  As many of us know, this is a debilitating process during which the patient fights not only the cancer, but the effects of the treatments that kill the cancer — because those treatments are also toxic to the rest of the body.

Rush Limbaugh has lived a particularly important life in modern America.  Almost single-handedly, he carried the fight to the left over the airwaves, years before many even understood who the real enemy was.  Rush has always known and has always said his faith has informed his fight.

The human story is a drama in billions of discrete acts (lives) that, together, constitute the great dramatic production of Good versus Evil.  The final act will pull together all the threads.  That's what we're seeing in politics today.  Rush Limbaugh has been a leader in our generation's canto of this millennia-long opera — the opening acts leading to the tense final act, the showdown, so to speak, between the lesser lights before their Baddest Guy takes on our Baddest Guy.

That's all imagery and metaphor, but it stands for something real and consequential.  It matters to the future of the cosmos, as Jordan Peterson has said, that you have your moral act together.  And those who have pointed you in the right direction have contributed to you doing that.

That has been Rush Limbaugh's contribution to humanity.  He has pointed millions of Americans back to the path we ought never have left.  Even he may not have known that that's what he was doing, but he did know that this path is the right path, and why it's the right path.

We can't know, but one hopes Rush Limbaugh will be one to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant."  Godspeed, Rush.

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