Vaseline gets woke and creates a Black Lives Matter ad

American corporate management used to be staffed by people who came up through the ranks.  They learned on the job and knew who their fellow employees and their customers were.  In the 21st century, though, corporate management hires are all college-educated, which means they're all leftists.  And that's how you end up with Vaseline producing what may be the most repugnant, race-baiting ad an American corporation has released since Jim Crow ended.

Vaseline has a long history in America.  In 1859, Robert Chesebrough, a trained chemist, traveled to the Titusville, Pennsylvania oil fields.  There, he learned that the oil produced left behind a residue, "rod wax," that workers used to heal their cuts and burns.  Chesebrough took the waxy substance back to Brooklyn, purified it, and came up with a topical medicinal product he called "Vaseline."

Chesebrough founded the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company in 1875.  In 1955, the company became Chesebrough Ponds.  And then, in 1987, the giant British-Dutch company, Unilever, purchased Chesebrough Ponds.  It's still an American company, but the final calls about it come from overseas.

It's hard to imagine an American who doesn't know about Vaseline.  Over the years, Vaseline has advertised to black Americans without any hint of prejudice:

Vaseline has come a long way from the oil fields. Like all modern companies, its management hires are almost certainly required to have a college degree.  And unless that college degree comes from Hillsdale, another virtual certainty is that the college requirement means that Vaseline's management is steeped in leftism.

We've certainly seen this pattern with corporations instantly embracing the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter movement.  Leftists also believe ridiculous theories such as the dishonest 1619 Project and the incredibly racist theory called "Critical Race Theory."

With those people in charge — and reporting to a Dutch-British company that has no inherent love for America — you shouldn't be surprised that Vaseline has just produced one of the most aggressively racist ads ever.  These 30 seconds are steeped in Critical Race Theory; BLM America-hatred; the 1619 Project; and, implicitly, anti-white racism — all in the name of "equity in skincare."  (Hat tip: Moonbattery.)

I never advocate formal boycotts.  To me, boycotts are too often a leftist bullying strategy.  However, speaking for myself, having seen that ad, I can't imagine ever again buying a Vaseline or Chesebrough Ponds product.  This hate-filled ad is unforgivable.

Image: Vaseline equity in skincare ad.  Video screen grab for the purpose of criticizing a copyrighted work.

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