Unseen and Unsaid: The most telling character difference between Trump and Biden

Something occurred to me recently while watching a post-debate Frank Luntz focus group. Comprising undecided voters who liked neither Trump nor Biden, the participants nonetheless believed the president won the debate and most said they’d probably vote for him as “the lesser of two evils.” Their preference for him on policy overrode their higher estimation of Biden’s character. If they were to read what follows, however, I think they might change that estimation. No, this won’t be about Burisma and Ukraine and China and Russia and Hunter. It’s about something almost universally missed.  It was mentioned in Thursday’s debate how Trump called flip-flop king Anthony Fauci an “idiot.” The president is known for sometimes hurling names (just ask Rosie O’Donnell), and perhaps those undecided voters and some others view him as being the bull in a china shop of human relations. But let’s talk about personal...(Read Full Post)
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