Two 'hot mic moments' show that liberal infiltration in America runs deep

In recent days, Americans got the chance to hear unscripted, unintended insights into what this election could mean.

A hot mic moment happens when a speaker reveals what he thinks when he thinks no one is listening.  Two weeks ago, Senator Dianne "Dogma Lives Loudly" Feinstein was caught mumbling about recently confirmed Judge Amy Coney Barrett's pro-life views.  The other starkly revealing hot mic moment came from NFL announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, commenting on the cost and role of military fly overs.  As revealing as Feinstein's comment was regarding Democrat views on religion, it was Aikman's comment that might be more prescient and instructional. 

In 2017, Feinstein famously questioned Barrett's ability to separate her role as judge from her religious views by exclaiming that religion is dogma and that "the dogma lives loudly" in her.  In three years, Sen. Feinstein's fear of religious public servants has not changed.  Not realizing that her mic was still on, she remarked that Barrett has "been pro-life-for some time ... it is deeply personal and comes with her religion."  For many years, Republicans, especially conservatives, have known that Democrats regard religious voters with skepticism if not disdain.  Remember Barack Obama belittling those who cling to their guns and religion?

Feinstein's cautionary tale reminds us once again of the Democrats' inability to grasp the dual roles of religion and public life and how they see certain people as one-dimensional.  This is the same party that has sought to water down the freedom of religion and religious expression, especially in states whose governors continue to shut down or severely curtail church attendance while allowing political riots and protests.

Although in a less serious setting, Troy Aikman's hot mic moment is more telling.  During the Air Force's jet flyover at the Packers-Buccaneers game, Joe Buck remarked on the cost and need for such things, to which Aikman responded, "That stuff ain't happening with [a] Kamala-Biden ticket, I'll tell you right now, partner."  The first revealing fact is Aikman's use of Kamala's name first, suggesting he thinks at some point that the presidency could be hers.  And implicit in this is the recognition that should the Democrats win, and most assuredly if Harris becomes president, demonstrations of patriotism or even support of the military will not be the same as under Donald Trump.

The comment is more than just a concern for the conservation of jet fuel and resources; it is about national pride.  The Air Force made a point to respond to the comments, explaining that a) the flyovers do not cost additional money or fuel, as they are part of the pilots' training, and b) they serve an immeasurable purpose in their recruitment and support for the Air Force and the military.  The rumbling roars of jet flyovers are a point of pride, and Americans time and again applaud them, as they add to their own sense of patriotism. 

We already know that Democrats, and especially Kamala Harris, view America as systemically racist, as historically oppressive and in need of dramatic change.  This is the same party that also wants to alter fundamentally the institutions established in the Constitution.  Some of the most ardent football fans are members of our armed services, and the correlation between support for the military and the NFL has always been strong.  The fact that two former NFL players criticized rather than saluted the participation of our military during a football game reveals that Democrat efforts to change the views about our country have already taken root.  Patriotic Americans need to ask how a private comment like this even exists, let alone what it means.

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