Trump's Wuhan virus diagnosis and treatment finally drove a NeverTrump mad

Conservatives like to talk about Trump Derangement Syndrome.  We usually use the term when we see women screaming incoherent or when once conservative commentators hate Trump so much that they walk away from all their former values.  With Trump's Wuhan virus diagnosis, though, Jennifer Rubin, a onetime conservative, has taken TDS to a whole new level.  She ranted for two days on Twitter, leaving readers feeling that they were witnessing someone in the grip of a true nervous breakdown.

I first became aware of Jennifer Rubin when she contributed to Commentary from 2007 to 2010.  She was never passionate about conservatism, but her columns were fact-based and sensible.  She then accepted a gig at The Washington Post, as a resident "conservative."  Once there, Rubin slowly, steadily abandoned conservatism.  I thought she was wrong but knew she wasn't crazy.

When Trump got elected, though, something broke inside Rubin.  She hates Trump with such uncontrolled rage that she's abandoned almost all of her conservative values and become a generic leftist.

Trump's Wuhan virus diagnosis has taken her to a whole new level.  Beginning on Sunday, Rubin went into a Twitter frenzy, attacking Trump, Amy Coney Barrett, Mike Pence, Walter Reed Medical Center, and anything else that crossed her horizons.

Rubin's Twitter spree is worth noting not just because it's amusing in its own crazy way, but also because it exemplifies how irrational Trump-hatred is, whether in Rubin or anyone else.  As with Rubin, their fears, accusations, hatred, and hysteria are disconnected from the facts.  They exist in a place of pure emotion and paranoia, untouched by rationality or reason.  These irrational impulses must always have been the bedrock of their personalities, but the existential fear that the Wuhan virus engendered seems to have taken the worst aspects of these leftist personalities and powered them with rocket fuel.

As you look through the tweets below, which are only a small part of Rubin's output over the last two days, keep in mind that she is a lawyer, an employee of what was once one of America's premier newspapers, a mother, and a formerly rational person — and now she is the id of Trump-hatred.  Also, keep in mind that, per the WHO's latest numbers, the Wuhan virus has a 0.13% mortality rate and that this worldwide rate does not factor in the huge medical strides we've made in America.

On the hysteria meter, Rubin began her rant with a rating of, perhaps, seven.  There was some paranoid rationality still anchoring her to the real world:

Rubin also had some serious issues with Amy Coney Barrett:

Have you been keeping track of the fact that Rubin has been tweeting for hours at this point?  Also, please note that she comes from a place of complete paranoia — and presumes to lecture Vice President Pence, who chaired the president's Wuhan virus task force, about the Wuhan virus.

But what sent Rubin completely over the top and ramped her hysteria rating up to a 10/10 was the fact that Trump, who was wearing a mask, got into a car with people also wearing masks (and who are around him all the time anyway) and waved to supporters from that car as he drove by.  It broke Rubin.  It just broke her.

In Rubin's world, it seems that, even if someone is wearing a mask, Wuhan virus germs can magically escape the mask, escape a sealed automobile, and then drift across the road on a sunny day to infect random people.  If that's the case, we're all going to die anyway, so we may as well start living again.

(Rubin's obsessive concern about the Secret Service agents is bizarre.  Surely she's aware that the Secret Service are with Trump at all times anyway.  Just as they're willing to take a bullet for him, they have to be willing to take a virus, too.)

After a few more attacks on doctors, Trump, and Pence, Rubin once again refocused on Amy Coney Barrett and the upcoming hearing:

Abandoning her obsession with Barrett, we see a glimmer of hope in Rubin's world.  Maybe, just maybe, she suggested, the manic five-minute car ride that Trump took will justify removing him from office on 25th Amendment grounds:

After more hyper-manic posting, Rubin worked herself into such a frenzy that she insisted that the Democrat party — the party of abortion up to the moment of birth and, according to Virginia's governor, after birth, too — is the pro-life party:

To put things in perspective, if one believes the numbers (which I don't because I believe theyre inflated for political and economic reasons), 200,000 people have died from the Wuhan virus.  This puts the virus in line with other pandemics such as the Hong Kong flu, which proportionately killed roughly the same number of Americans in 1968 without any societal madness.  Meanwhile, 61 million babies have been aborted since 1973.

And on and on Rubin goes, in one manic tweet after another.  She eventually demands that Walter Reed Hospital be defunded:

What happened to Rubin is what happens when you embrace leftism.  It is a political ideology and worldview predicated on irrationality, fear, and hatred. It's also a singularly earthbound philosophy.  For these people, lacking the consolation of faith, the fear of death is overwhelming.

Image: Jennifer Rubin. YouTube screengrab.