Trump infuriates the left by feeling better and going for a ride

On Sunday, President Trump issued another of his short videos from Walter Reed Hospital.  In it, he promised his supporters a surprise.  He then followed through with that surprise by taking a car ride past those of his supporters gathered outside the hospital and waving as he drove by.  Trump's supporters were thrilled.  Leftists, both inside and outside the hospital, had a collective mental breakdown, which, coming on top of their sustained four-year-long breakdown, was even more irrational than usual.

It all started with a sweet video in which Trump, looking great, said he's doing well, thanked his caregivers, talked about some of the military patients at the hospital, and promised that he was "about to make a little surprise visit."  He also said he learned a lot about COVID from going to the "real school."

As with Trump's previous hospitalization video, this most recent video has been hugely popular.  Within a few hours, it was seen 16.5 million times and got almost 400,000 likes.

And then Trump, being Trump, made good on his promise.  He got in a limo (separated by a glass shield from his driver and a visible Secret Service agent) and drove up and down the road, waving hello to his supporters:

By going on this little ride, Trump established (a) that he really is doing well and (b) that he will always be there for the American people.  Leftists fully understood the message Trump was sending, so they had conniptions, trying to turn Trump into a doctor-disobeying, germ-spewing menace.

The best-in-show for over-the-top responses had to have come from Jordan Fabian, a 33-year-old nincompoop who works as a White House correspondent for Bloomberg News:

Chip Franklin, a San Francisco–based media personality, chimed in with hysterical fear for the Secret Service agents in the car with him:

Daniel Newman, a Hollywood something-or-other, even had a graphic demonstrating that Trump was killing his Secret Service agents:

All of these people seem unclear about the fact that Trump's Secret Service agents are always with him, whether he's in the White House, a hospital room, or a car.  It doesn't matter.  Just as they'll take a bullet to protect him, they'll also take a virus.

But by the left's mask logic, those Secret Service agents are completely safe.  If you look at the pictures, including the one with the nice arrows, both Trump and the agent are wearing masks.  Leftists assure us that if you wear a mask, you're neither a giver nor a receiver.  (Or at least, that masks make it virtually impossible that you'll be the infector or the infectee.)

In addition to the non-medical blue-check hysterics, we also heard from Leana Wen, M.D.  Wen is a former Baltimore City Health Commissioner — i.e., a Democrat operative — so you know how much she cares about people. In her tweet, she insists that Trump's decision to go for a car ride is proof that he needs a psychiatric examination (think: the 25th Amendment):

Remind me never to reach out to Wen if I get sick.  I wonder if she knows that the doctors okayed the drive-by:

Finally, the reporters' egos were deeply damaged because the White House didn't warn them about Trump's planned excursion (emphasis mine):

The pool of reporters that travels with the president whenever he moves from one location to another was not notified of Trump's drive-by. White House Correspondents' Association President Zeke Miller said in a statement that it was "outrageous" for Trump to have left the hospital without a protective pool.

When it comes to protecting the president, I would opt for the Secret Service over a "protective pool" of reporters every time.

No matter how much the left tries to create a drama here, by Sunday night, it was clear that the president is responding well to treatment.  He also got his doctor's permission to go on a car ride, taking with him the Secret Service agents who spend all their time around him anyway.

Trump's little drive-by was a smart thing to do politically, and the leftists would have been better to downplay it, not make it part of their perpetual melodrama.  We should be grateful, I guess, that they insist on showing that Trump is nice and they are insane.

Image: Trump goes for a ride.  Twitter screen grab.

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