Time to quit moving the COVID goalposts -San Diego County Supervisor

In California's response to COVID, there's just one thing to say: We have lost sight of the goal. I think it’s reasonable for everyone to take a step back and ask: 'How did we end up here?' We are in an extended lockdown. I'm a San Diego County supervisor, and all I can say is, how did we go from: 'We need to flatten the curve for the month of April -- to: We are going to shut your business down in September and October if you decide to stay open?  In California, the goalposts continue to move. At the beginning, the goal was to make sure we had enough hospital beds, and ensure we had enough PPE equipment for our health care front line workers. We needed to make sure we weren’t having to choose between who could live and who couldn’t. Thankfully, because of the people of San Diego and the great work from our local public health officials, we never had any of those problems.  Now...(Read Full Post)
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